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A sneak peek into love life of Filipino actress, singer and TV host

Rita Daniela posted her expectancy news on social media. It has left her fans biting her nails. The question still awaits is “who is the mystery man?” 

There are some rumors as usual about her close relationship on screen with ken chan. But, no reverts or acceptance of them have been given by anyone yet. Whereas, Rita Daniela is extremely secretive about her dating and relationship life. 

What’s cooking between Ken Chan & Rita Daniela ?

Ken Chan is one of the co-stars who is highly rumored to be Rita Daniela’s boyfriend and the father of her child, Rita Daniela’s longtime co-star, who also served as their relationship’s public face. 

But unfortunately, Ken Chan has already and several times denied having a tense relationship with Daniela in a media appearance. The administration’s choice to divide them apart and assign them to various positions was surprising for Chan.

Rita Daniela pregnancy

A part from all the rumors, controversies, and gossip on Rita Daniela’s close chemistry with her co-star. The truth is Rita Daniela is indeed pregnant. She herself has put this news out on her Instagram account posing a gorgeous picture in a white outfit. She welcomed her child with a beautiful caption which has left her fans in shock. It is because the father of Rita Daniela’s child has not been revealed yet. So who Rita Daniela is dating still has a question mark, whereas everybody has believed Ken Chan her long time co-star to be her boyfriend as for their close chemistry on and off the screen. She expressed gratitude to the GMA Network for its support while proudly displaying her expanding baby tummy on the network’s YouTube page.

Although she had initially thought about keeping the blessing to herself, she couldn’t wait to share it with everyone, even if it meant flaunting her child’s ultrasound.

Rita Daniela love life
Rita Daniela love life



The late comedian Terry de Guzman’s maternal grandfather’s stage name, actress Rita de Guzman, played a rival in various GMA Network Teleseryes.

Daniela took on her film character after the GMA Artist Center decided she needed to concentrate on her singing career. She played on stage with Sugarpop, a supergroup made up of the five PopStar Kids season-one champions.

Who is the Father of Rita Daniela’s Child ?

The overall news among all the rumors is that yes Rita surely is seeing someone. Rita Daniela has been with a man for a long time who loves her but won’t provide his name. The actress doesn’t find it problematic that her father isn’t present because she is so happy about the birth of her first kid. 

Rita Daniela no longer laments the child’s early birth, despite the fact that she has grown to love the child more than life itself.

Boyfriends in the past

Rita Daniela’s Boyfriends in the past previously had at least one relationship. Her maritial status is single. 

Online dating history speculations about Rita De Guzmans might be confusing. Finding out who Rita De Guzman is dating may be quite easy, but keeping track of all of her hookups, flings, and breakups can be challenging. So yet, a lot of information on her past relationships has remained unknown. 

Rita Daniela love life
Rita Daniela love life

Her net worth as of 2023

Rita Daniela has allegedly worked in the entertainment industry since she was a young child, earning an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. 

Rita Daniela has her say on her boyfriend

In a recent interview after the picture of her baby bump went viral, on questioning her about the father of the child and her boyfriend, Rita Daniela told the media that she has long broken up with her boyfriend and she would appreciate it if no one will spread or believe any further rumors as all of them are fake news according to her. She further expressed great gratitude on the support and love she received on her baby’s news. 

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