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Singham actress Kajal Aggarwal shares a pregnancy fitness video!

One of the most famous actors of Indian cinema is Kajal Aggarwal. From her beautiful looks to having amazing acting skills, literally everything about her screams perfection. The actress was for a long time playing major roles in Tamil and Telugu films. The actor is married to entrepreneur Gautam Kitchlu. She is expecting her first baby. On Monday, which is on 28 of this month, she stated about her fitness journey with her fans. Well, the actress shared the journey of her pregnancy in a video on her official Instagram account. In the video, you can see the beautiful actor doing pilates and barre exercises. While Sharing the video on her social media handle, Kajal spoke about her pregnancy. 

The viral video:

She called it to be a different ball game overall. Aggarwal wrote, “I have always been a very active person and worked out my whole life. Pregnancy is a different ball game! All women who are pregnant without complications should be encouraged to participate in aerobic and strength conditioning exercises as part of a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy.”  Well her latest video was a huge inspiration for many other pregnant ladies who came across it. The dazzling talented actor is quite often online on her social media accounts. She keeps sharing amazing content on her official pages and thus this one is truly one of the best ones for sure. 

The beautiful mom-to-be revealed her transformative approach. Well, she truly stated it very positively and portrayed beautifully. She stated that it made her stronger, as she said, “Pilates and barre helped my body change for the better pre and through my pregnancy. This transformative approach has me feeling stronger, longer, and leaner. The goal of aerobic conditioning in pregnancy should be to maintain a good fitness level throughout without trying to reach peak fitness.”  Recently, Kajal was also praised by many of her fans when she bashed trollers for body-shaming. Few of them were body-shaming women during pregnancy and thus she decided to speak about it. 

Kajal bashing trollers:

Well, the viral post read, “During pregnancy, our bodies go through several changes, including weight gain!! Sometimes our skin will break out with acne. We may also be much more tired than usual and have mood swings more often. These changes are NATURAL and while we are struggling to cope with all the new additions to our lives (especially the anticipation of the arrival of our tiny little humans), we don’t need to feel abnormal, we don’t need to fit in a box or a stereotype and we don’t need to be made uncomfortable or pressurized during the most beautiful, miraculous and precious phase of our lives!”. 

Many of her fans came across this post and were happy with it. Also, the actress won millions of hearts on the internet by speaking so boldly. Kajal has always been hitting the headlines. made Bihar amazing hit movies or lifestyle and her personal life glimpses. She always keeps her fans entertained. She has also been a part of multiple Hindi films. It includes amazing films like ‘Special 26’, ‘Mumbai Saga’, as well as ‘Singham’.

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