Sunday, April 2, 2023

    So now netflix has begun charging users for exchanging passwords: Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

    According to a source, Netflix is charging subscribers extra fees if they violate the rules, which specifies that the account should not be “shared with persons outside your family.”

    Netflix appears to have begun charging subscribers for password sharing with friends. This comes as no surprise, given that the corporation disclosed the policy change in March. Netflix has made it clear that it no longer wants customers to share their account passwords with others, and that if they want to share their account with more people, they will have to pay a fee.Following that, it ran a test to crack down on password sharing in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. However, the company’s attempt to restrict password sharing isn’t going as anticipated. According to a report by Rest of World, Netflix is charging subscribers extra fees for violating the rules, which specifies that the account should not be “shared with persons outside your family.”

    When the popular video streaming service punished a few customers for violating the policy and sharing passwords with others, users simply chose to cancel their subscription. Even though Netflix has officially revealed its new policy of charging extra for account sharing, many Peruvians are still perplexed.

    Thousands of Netflix consumers were interviewed by the mentioned source, who discovered that they had not been officially told about the new policy or the increased charges. Some individuals are still sharing accounts and haven’t been notified of any additional fees. Following that, a Netflix spokeswoman told Rest of World that the new policy is now being implemented and that individual users may be paid differently.

    Is the netflix Original guideline applicable in India as well?

    Netflix, as previously said, intends to prohibit password sharing, but only in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica at this time. This does not rule out the possibility that the new policy of charging customers extra would be adopted in other countries, including India. The company is currently piloting this in a few locations to assess how well it works before expanding it to new countries. There is currently no indication of when this policy would be implemented in India. Users in India can now unwind for the time being.

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