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    Some mind-blowing books you must read once in life.

    When you read novels some part of you starts to change, you develop something new in you till the end, But not all stories can blow your mind. In comparison, some can take away something in you. However, books will always grow you as a person. These books are some of the best of all time that you need to read.

    Are you novel enthusiasts? Or practically live to read? Then, here we are with the list of some thrilling, amazing, and wow books for you.

    Harry potter 

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    I don’t need to tell you about Harry Potter. Do I? Even if you have seen web series, there’s nothing compared to harry potter novels, Series of seven fantasy novels amazingly written by the highest-paid author J.K. Rowling. The book has an anecdote of a character named Harry potter. The orphan porter learned about his wizard on his 11th birthday when Hagrid took him to magic school, Hogwarts. Book revolves around the lives of Harry and his friends at school, where most of the events take place. 

    The lord of rings 

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    The epic fantasy fable written by J.R.R. Tolkien was initially published in three parts; the fellowship of the ring, The two towers, The return of the king. Later in 1937, the sequel to Writer’s The habit, succeeded by The Silmarillion in 1977, was published. The Lord of rings is an epic high fable of a group who set out to save their world from evil. If you love fantasy novels, the Lord of Rings is a sure shot.


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    No, that’s not just a number, but the masterpiece written by Roberto Bolaño is one the finest novels of the 21st century. 2666 is a world in itself; it has everything to satisfy the reader in you. In 2004 Book was released after the author’s death. The story unfolds the mystery behind the ongoing and unsolved murder of women in a violent city. Exploring 2pth century The novel themes include mental illness, breakdown of relationships, journalism, the academic world, and much more. 

    Geek Love 

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    If you need something to blow your mind, Hit this novel right away written by Katherine Dunn. The story unfolds a bizarre family of carnival freaks, Chronicle of Olympia Binewski, whose couple introduces their children to drugs. Olympia shares her story of a crazy family, their odd lifestyle, and traveling carnivals from childhood to death. 

    Man’s search for Meaning 

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    The novel written by Viktor Franki is nothing you would have read before. The book narrates his experiences in nazi concentration camps as a prisoner during the second world war. The novel unfolds his Phychotheropetic methods to search for the purpose of life to feel positive about his life and immersing himself in that outcome. He discovered that the men who survive the longest comfort others and give away their last piece of bread, with proof that you can take away anything from us except how we choose to react; Giving deeper Meaning of life if you want to read something opposite of fantasy novels. 

    Project Hail Mary 

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    Did you just say science fic? The novel written by Project hail mary has a narrative of a lone astronaut who must save earth from disaster. How did he do that? Will he succeed? How he performs various tasks etc. An irresistible adventure story takes you on a roller coaster ride so, if you are a sci-fi fanatic, hop on this ride. 

    One hundred years of solitude 

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    The novel written by Gabriel García Márquez was first written in Spanish in 1967 is the masterpiece of the author’s career. The novel narrates the epic tale of seven generations of the Buendía family and the history of Latin America. The story unfolds the rise and fall of a fictional Colombian town named Macondo. An intriguing plot of twist turns and how the city is finally destroyed in the end. 

    The Great Gatsby 

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    American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the novel in 1925 has a plot set up in the jazz age near New York island. The story narrates the tragic life of Self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby and a rich young woman, the love of his life. Nick, who narrates the story, when he moved to new york after world war and came across as a millionaire, describes how his life takes tragic turns.

    The power of now

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    The power of now: Guide to spiritual entitlement is written by Eckhart Tolle to explore the thinking, presence, acceptance, and spirituality of life. The author narrates, life is what we are doing now. Too often, we tend to consume ourselves with relationships, future, finances, problems, etc. But life is beyond that. It has deeper and more meaningful. When you criticize or reject your life situations, you are running from reality; acceptance is the key. Understand the deeper Meaning of life with a beautiful portrayal of life. 

    Eat pray love

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    Written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the book displays her story around the world. The story portrayed her life when she had everything: education, life, family, house, but instead of feeling contented; she was grieving, sad, frustrated, empty, and confused. In the middle of such chaos, her world crashed down when she experienced divorce, depression. How does she cope with life? Will she be able to survive? All these questions revolve around the novel. The story keeps you hooked with interesting plots and well relatable for many. 

    The diary of a young girl 

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    Written by Anne Frank, the story begins on her thirteenth birthday and ends after her fifteenth. The story has a typical start to girly fairytale life, friendships, crush, and academics. Still, it takes an interesting turn when her family living in Germany has to go hiding due to Hitler and nazi’s treatment. The novel keeps you entertained throughout the story with an intriguing plot. 

    The subtle art of not giving a f*CK 

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    Challenging the conventions of self-help, Mark Manson writes the novel. The art of not giving f*CK, he explains not to care about anything and society, try to say no often and live all by yourself however you want to. The key to a good life is caring about what is important to you and forgetting about the rest. The author explains, not giving a f*CK doesn’t mean being indifferent; rather, it means being comfortable with who you are if you are low on self-esteem or worry too much about little things, a must-read novel for some life-changing insights.

    Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.

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