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UPSC mains 2021: Essay Paper starts the meme feast on social media platforms!

We may have come across many funny question papers online on social media platforms. These question papers are indeed worth creating a meme. Sometimes the questions are also asked so that it sparks a meme feast online. And when it comes to UPSC exams, they are little known to be materials for memes online. The Internet has some success stories and inspiring advice for UPSC aspirants. But, the Internet is also filled with amazing UPSC memes and videos.

On the one hand, you may find many inspiring and successful stories of people. These may be inspiring for many. But on the other hand, there are more means and videos on the UPSC exams which can make you laugh out loud. Well, the exams conducted on Friday led to a riot of laughs online.

Recently we came to know that the UPSC mains 2021 was not postponed and was then kept as per schedule. Well, if you don’t know, many of the candidates plead to postpone the UPSC exams. They plead to postpone it until the covid-19 situation normalizes. But recently, the Delhi High court dismissed the plea. Thus the exams were then scheduled in the format it was planned before. Well, that led to a meme fest online too.

On January 7, the candidates sat and got ready to write their essay papers for the 2021 UPSC Mains exam. But the questions which were asked in the essay paper were quite surprising. It shocked many candidates out there. Well, simply, we can say that it looked more like a philosophy paper rather than a UPSC paper. Got confused? Many candidates didn’t expect a “googly”; it seemed that they were writing a Philosophy examination. The aspiring IAS candidates were first asked to write two essays. Both essays should include each range between 1,000 and 1,200 words.

The question paper mentioned for section A some questions related to philosophy. Questions were:

“Philosophy of wantlessness is Utopian, while materialism is a chimera” and “The real is rational and the rational is real”.

While on the other hand, for section B, the paper also mentioned the questions like:

“Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and “What is research, but a blind date with knowledge!”

Well, it’s not wrong that people are assuming it is more like a philosophy paper! These questions surely made everyone go blank for a minute.

And it didn’t take much time to lead to many jokes and memes online. Not only did the netizens join the meme trend, surprisingly, but some IAS officers also did too. Even IAS officers joined the meme feast. One of them said that the UPSC aspirants become a philosopher after a couple of attempts. IFS Rajkumar M tweeted the photo of the question paper. He joked by tweeting, “There is a common saying among #UPSC aspirants say that After couple of attempts, one will become a philosopher!” He further added that the paper was set by a “veteran”.

While on the other hand, IAS Jitin Yadav also joined the feast. He tweeted the photo and wrote, “Today’s #UPSC Mains Essay paper. Sharing for aspirants so that they can practice at home on their own. Which two you will pick and why? Would love to know explanations behind picking essays.”

The netizens started tweeting and spreading the UPSC question paper. Some netizens started cheering for the aspirants. The netizens earth the aspirants not to feel dejected. The father said to concentrate on their communication skills and to enhance it. They said that the exam is basically to assess how aspirants react to unexpected situations.

Many were busy cheering them up. But on the other hand, many netizens also argued that the paper seemed to be unfair for students. They felt it was unfair for the students who didn’t have much idea about philosophy. It can only be comparatively easier for the philosophy graduates. Here are some of the funniest reactions online:



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