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Will ‘Sort of’ Season 3 be cancelled or renewed ?

Fans of Sort Of, we have some exciting news for you! We already have another season approved by the relevant network for release in a few weeks after Season 2’s run concluded earlier on December 6, 2022. This proves that there is a rising demand for and appreciation of this television show and that it won’t be ending any time soon. Because of this, viewers are more interested than ever in learning how the show will indeed be able to add a second season. But even just the first few episodes show that there is a lot of room for the show to grow and be explored. If you’re one of those people who wants to know whether the show has been renewed, look no further because we’ve assembled all of the pertinent information on the status of Sort Of Season 3, as well as its release date, storyline, and other important data, ever since the announcement on social networking sites.

Cast and crew

The original cast members of both the show who might return to their roles include Raymond Cham Jr. (The Big Leap), whom was encouraged to the world of Sort Of as Deenzie’s offspring, Wolf, and Amanda Brugel (The Handmaid’s Tale), who joins the ensemble cast this season as Gaia, an artworld doyenne and 7ven’s mother. Gaia is known for crashing 7ven’s world and stealing her friends. A wealthy financier & possible business partner named Bryce will be played by Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall). Baig is one of the returning cast and crew, along with Gray Powell as Paul, Ellora Patnaik as Raffo, Amanda Cordner as 7ven, Grace Lynn Kung as Bessy, Supinder Wraich as Aqsa, Kaya Kanshiro as Violet, Aden Bedard as Henry, Cassandra James as Olympia, and Becca Blackwell as Deenzie. The winner CBC original series “Acha Bacha” and “Save Me” creators Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo are behind the show. Bilal Baig & Fab Filippo, who not only act as show’s creators & executive producers, devised it. It is produced by Sphere Media (previously Sienna Films). Baig, Jenn Engels (Transplant), JP Larocque (Jann), Kyah Green (Corner Gas: Animated), & Léa Geronimo Rondot (Awake) are all involved in the writing and directing of the series, which is also produced by Filippo, Joyce Wong (Wexford Plaza), and J. Stevens (Slo Pitch). Executive producers include Bruno Dubé and Jennifer Kawaja of Sphere Media (The Porter) (Transplant).

Sort of season 3
Sort of season 3


Status of Season 3 Renewal

The fact that the programme has been renewed for a second season is not surprising given how well-received it has been by both the public and critics, as evidenced by the reviews. Based on 8 reviews, the series has a 100% approval rating, with an 8.8/10 average rating. Additionally, with 13 nominations, it received the most nominations of any television programme at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards in 2022. Additionally, it made the finalist list for the Audience Choice Award, which was decided by the fans. In 2022, it won a Peabody Award for Excellence in Entertainment. In a statement, Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content, HBO Max said: “Baig and Filippo, alongside our partners at CBC and Sienna Films, continue to deliver a heartfelt, sympathetic, and engaging story. We’re thrilled we get to follow Sabi, their family, 7ven, and the Kaneko-Bauers on their journeys in the new season.” The extension follows the removal of a number of other scripted series from HBO Max as part of a larger financial analysis of the streamer’s lineup, including Minx, whose second-season renewal was also revoked, and Gordita Chronicles, which was most recently withdrawn. Sort Of is a co-production, therefore it was probably far less expensive to make than some of the other scripted shows that were rejected.

Potential Release and Time Slot

The excellent news has finally come after several weeks of anticipation! The fandom should not fear in December 2022 because a second season of the show has been approved, which will advance the plot. The anticipated premiere date is still pending confirmation. However, if we were to make a guess as to when Sort Of Season 3 may well be released, it could be around 2024 or possibly in the latter half of 2023. On Tuesday, it is anticipated to air at the same time—9 p.m. (9:30 NT)—on CBC and then later on HBO Max. As previously said, the network has not yet confirmed the show’s formal release date or time slot. So, if the network decides to stick with the same timetable, it is only speculative to assume that the next season will also follow the same pattern and be released at roughly the same time.

Sort of season 3
Sort of season 3

Options for watching Sort of Season 3 episodes online

It is anticipated that the upcoming season would consist of 8 episodes, each lasting 21 to 22 minutes. It is believed that the format would remain the same from prior seasons in order to maintain continuity. The actual titles and numbers of the episodes, however, cannot be confirmed as of December 17, 2022, we’d also like to add. Concerned fans can also set notifications to get updates on when the show debuts on the relevant streaming services.

Is there a new teaser or trailer for Sort of season 3 ?

Unfortunately, the broadcaster has not yet published a new teaser for Sort Of Season 3. It would be way too early for the network to do so given the recent renewal update and the upcoming production of the show. While you wait, view the official trailer, which is 1:57 minutes long and has the tagline “Season 2 of the award-winning series Sort Of is the season of romance as well as the season finale of the Max Original comedy series Sort Of debuts December 1 on HBO Max.” The trailer was made available by the channel on November 16, 2022. According to CBC, the second season of the show is back and it’s the season of love. liking oneself more than your friends, family, career, lover, or any other relationship. Sabi determines that in addition to being prepared for some simple romance, they also want everyone to adore one another. Unfortunately, Sabi is forced to deal with situations and relationships that are anything from straightforward due to their dad’s surprise return from Dubai, the Kaneko-Bauers’ difficulties as Bessy is released from rehab, and problems at Bar Bük.

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