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Spoiler Leaked Online: “Spider-Man: No Way Home” To “Avengers End Game”

You Would be surprised to know Spider-Man: No Way Home leaked the second time. A few months back, when the 1st trailer was expected to come out by officials, it was all over the internet before its release. Now again, it’s all over the internet. Spider-Man: No Way Home is the most anticipated cinematic Marvel movie after Avengers: End Game. With so much hype surrounding the movie, it’s hard to believe which stories are fake and which are not until it’s actually released. Another day and another rumour came out regarding no way home, but this potential leak confirmed the casting of some big stars. It’s always been the case; some of the plots get leaked whenever the big movies are announced and expected to release their trailers. 

Same with movies like Avengers End Game, Back widow, where fans start speculating stories and end up getting confirmed by one or the other leaks. However, Despite several leaks, these were some of the most amazing ones. Although, No way home is yet to release. 

Spoilers ahead:

Spider-Man: No way home: It’s been a while now since Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire have been rumoured to appear in the movie alongside Tom Holland, and with villains like Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, and Jamie Foxx’s Electro returning its somewhat obvious, the Spider-Man actors for those villains will make a return as well. Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil has also been rumoured to make a return. However, Some of the actors have denied appearing in the film, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from losing faith in it happening. 

Eternals: One of the biggest spoilers from the ‘Eternals’ premiere was Harry Styles’ MCU debut as Eros. Eros is the brother of Thanos and cousin of Angelina Jolie’s Thena. He will join the Eternals to help them find their friends, As the comic book tells us. 

Black widow: The dealy in the Black widow game more time to the world for making stories and leaking details. One of the major spoilers that started as rumour confirmed after the leak was Charachter’s death, leaving loose ends in the film. 

Avengers: End Game: Hands down the biggest grosser to date starring mightiest heroes where they go back in time to undo Thano’s snap the ended half of the universe. This time travel plot was leaked way before the film was on the floor. These started as rumours confirmed by the photos where stars were seen shooting in their old costumes. Despite many spoilers, they managed to gain the highest grosser. 

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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