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Super fun ideas to celebrate your bday at home

When you think of b’day celebrations, what do you do? Dinner at a cosy place or clubbing or brunch? We always plan outside. It’s tough to plan unique celebrations every year. After invasion covid, bday celebrations at home are the new normal, but we all think that’s boring don’t we? Well! If you plan; accordingly, b’days at home can be super fun. Want to know how? Then, hop on this ride of ideas; we are sure you would want to try some. 

Yarn trail or treasure hunt 

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Ask someone to plan clues and instructions for treasure. Place treasure anywhere at home, tie one end of the yarn to it, hold the yarn string and walk. Literally! Stroll around your house, anywhere you think you can place treasure or wherever birthday celebrations will occur. When you know it’s enough for treasure, or you reach the limit of yarn, tie or paste it nearby. Tell everyone to follow instructions and thread to find treasure; whoever will find it will get the treasure. This can be a fun idea to involve every guest, or it can be a surprise present for the b’day boy/girl. 


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If you’re celebrating with family at home, it’s an amazing opportunity to bond with your loved ones; Order basic or whatever baking ingredient you want. Print recipes online. Who can bake better, more like who can mess up a recipe better only if you don’t have a baker at home. Pull out your creative side, mix whatever ingredient you want. It can be a fun idea for friends, family. 

Fluid Art party

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No, that’s not only for children but for adults. It might sound boring, but it’s way more exciting when you do because it’s not just a plain art party. Well, it’s a neon art party, yes! Order neon colors and the necessary material. Organize one corner of the house And smash it. Not really! Switch off the lights, start music and food. There you go; the mood is all set; you just have to bring out your creative side. Do whatever you want to; who cares if it’s looking like a monkey. 

Movie marathon

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Call all your friends virtually on the app for a movie marathon. Various online apps allow you to watch movies with different people at the same time. If you’re not doing it virtually, arrange a projector for the day, organize your space, add food and drinks. Dim all the might and decorate with fairly light. You are good to go. Select some Funny movies to make it a more memorable and fun night. Opt for the funniest or weird movie because bdays are for all the craziness. Why? Well! Because funny comments in between movies would be worth it, isn’t it?

Karaoke Party

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Karaoke parties can be a fun night if you love music, singing and dancing. Maybe you sing well, or maybe you can sing like a whale, but who cares? It is all about making memories and having a blast. Well! Anyways who’s listening, all are here for fun. Hire a karaoke machine or well! The Internet has everything you want; download an app connected with your tv. Now, all you need is food, drinks, a good ambience or decor. Everything is all set. If you’re not able to invite anyone home, you can organize a zoom karaoke party. Send some food to their place and connect through zoom, and you know the best part is you can convey your feelings with your favourite lyrics.

Slumber party with family

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Bring out your inner child, play silly games, and share yummy homemade snacks and, of course, music. Bring out blankets on the terrace or backyard under stars. Pick your pillows, blankets and mats and make memories with your family. You don’t need to dress up, party in a night suit. Literally!

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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