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Most people seem to believe that the ‘Surya Namaskar,’ or sun salutation as it is known in English, is simply a back and muscular strengthening exercise. However, many people are unaware that it is a thorough exercise for the entire body that does not involve the use of any equipment. It also helps us break out from our mundane and exhausting daily routines.

Surya Namaskar, when performed correctly and at the appropriate moment, can completely transform your life. It may take a little longer for benefits to appear, but your skin will soon be detoxed like never before. Surya Namaskar increases the size of your solar plexus, which improves your creativity, intuition, decision-making, leadership qualities, and self-confidence.

Helps In Reducing Weight

Surya Namaskar performed at a faster tempo than usual is a fantastic aerobic workout that can aid weight loss. Its poses strain your abdominal muscles, causing you to lose weight around your stomach. It also aids in the enhancement of your metabolism.

Surya Namaskar may appear to be a simple exercise, but it is actually a full-body workout that helps burn a lot of calories. Surya Namaskar burns 416 calories in 30 minutes, compared to 414 calories for jogging, 199 calories for weightlifting, 232 calories for tennis, 364 calories for rock climbing, and 298 calories for football.

Helps In Better Digestion

Surya Namaskar assists your digestive system in working smoothly. It improves blood circulation to your digestive tract, allowing your intestine to work more efficiently. The forward stance, in particular, helps to extend the inside of your abdomen, allowing trapped gas to escape.

Reduces anxiety

You may find a change in both your physical and mental self if you execute the Surya Namaskar on a regular basis. It aids in the improvement of memory and nervous system function. It also aids in the reduction of anxiety and the reduction of stress. It regulates endocrine gland function and is especially advantageous to patients who have thyroid issues.

Detoxifies your body.

Surya Namaskar assists you in maintaining an efficient breathing and exhale process, ensuring that your lungs are properly ventilated and your blood is adequately hydrated. This aids in body detoxification by removing carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases.

Jagriti Sharma
Jagriti Sharma
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