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Suzanne Somers: Who is she and why is she so famous?

Suzanne Marie Somers (born October 16, 1946) is an American actress. She is an actress, novelist, singer, businesswoman, and health advocate from the United States. On television, she played Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company and Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step.

Somers wrote a series of self-help books about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, including Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones (2006).

She’s written two autobiographies, four diet books, and a poetry collection.

Somers has been chastised for her opinions on several medical issues and her support for the Wiley Protocol, which has been dubbed “scientifically dubious and harmful.”

 The American Cancer Society has criticised her for promoting alternative cancer therapies.

Net Worth

Suzanne landed her job in Three’s Company in 1977, earning an initial salary of $5,000 per episode for the show’s first four seasons. Her pay was increased to $30,000 each episode by the sixth season. This works up to around $95,000 each episode in today’s money. She eventually demanded $150,000 per episode, which was the same as her co-star John Ritters. That would be around $500,000 each episode in today’s money. But that wasn’t all: she also demanded a 10% cut of the show’s profits. Although Suzanne was undoubtedly the main reason 20 million viewers turned in each week, the producers baulked.

Real Estate:

Suzanne and Alan own several houses in Southern California. They listed a considerable estate on 73 acres in Palm Springs for $35 million in 2008. Since the late 1970s, they have owned this property. The price was cut in half in 2018, to $14.5 million, and then again in 2019, to just $9.5 million. Well, they previously owned and gave 480 acres in northern Palm Springs to the Coachella Valley Conservation Commission in 2018.

Also, they paid $2.3 million for an oceanfront home in Malibu in 1999. They paid $2.35 million for the site next door in 2001, giving them 190 feet of ocean frontage.

A fire in 2007 destroyed one of the homes and badly damaged the other. They advertised the two-lot property for $16.2 million in 2018 and have yet to find a buyer. It was then revealed that the property had been put up for auction after multiple attempts to find a buyer had failed and that they were downsizing to a nearby home they had purchased earlier.

Suzanne Somers has a net worth of $100 million. Suzanne Somers is an American actress, author, and singer. She is best known for her roles in the smash sitcoms Three’s Company and Step By Step, but she has subsequently established herself as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Somers is well known for her self-help publications. Many focused on alternative medicine. Somers has become a divisive character, but her accomplishments cannot be ignored.

Early Life:

Suzanne Marie Mahoney was born in San Bruno, California, on October 16, 1946. Suzanne struggled growing up in an Irish-Catholic family with three siblings. Suzanne’s father was an alcoholic who verbally tortured her throughout her childhood. Suzanne became a cheerleader in high school and married at 19. In the same year, she gave birth to her first kid. Three years later, the marriage terminated.


Somers sprang to prominence in 1969 after appearing as a prize model in the Anniversary Game. She met presenter Alan Hamel while working on the show, and they married in 1977. In George Lucas’ breakout picture American Graffiti, she had one of her first major acting roles. Suzanne Somers secured appearances in shows including The Rockford Files, The Six Million Dollar Man, and One Day At A Time throughout the next few years. In the film Magnum Force, she also has a minor uncredited role.

Suzanne Somers landed a prominent part in Three’s Company in 1977, and she played a conventional stupid blonde in the show and became a sex symbol due to her appearance. Three’s Company did exceptionally well in terms of ratings, and Somers was out after he began to demand considerably greater compensation in 1980.

After claiming that her reputation had been harmed, she sued the network for $2 million in damages, but she was only awarded $30,000.

Other works:

After her contentious departure from Three’s Company, Suzanne Somers found it difficult to get roles in sitcoms. However, she returned to sitcoms with She’s the Sheriff, which premiered in 1987, and the series lasted two seasons. After playing in several made-for-TV movies, Somers scored another famous comedy role in Step By Step after playing. The sitcom premiered in 1991 and ran for seven seasons, significantly boosting Somers’ star power. Suzanne Somers has also hosted several talk shows throughout the years.

She has also performed on Broadway and was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2015, finishing ninth. Suzanne Somers is a well-known pop culture personality who has appeared in series such as South Park and Beavis and Butthead.

Her appearance in Playboy:

Somers has appeared in two episodes of Playboy. The actress has been naked on both occasions, despite her original appearance in the magazine as a desperate single mother who couldn’t afford her bills. She eventually consented to pose nude after initially refusing. She later denied ever taking part in the session, prompting Playboy to publish the photos in 1980, proving her incorrect. Somers was enraged and sued Playboy, eventually winning a $50,000 settlement.

One of her main concerns was that her 14-year-old son would see the photos and negatively impact his mental health.

Somers consented to pose again four years later despite her displeasure with the first nude photoshoot. She believed she could at least regulate the image quality this time. She also assumed it would help her resume, as she had recently left Three’s Company. In 1984, the second nude pictorial was out, and her 18-year-old son acknowledged seeing the photographs despite Somers’ protests that he would not want to see his mother in Playboy.

Suzanne was facing breast cancer in the year 2000. Despite doctors’ recommendations for chemotherapy,

Instead, she chose to pursue alternative medicine. She began by treating herself with Iscador, a mistletoe extract. She paired this with surgery to remove a malignant mass, followed by radiation therapy.

Doctors have chastised Somers for advocating for an unconventional cancer treatment technique. Suzanne Somers is opposed to water fluoridation and actively supports bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to treat various women’s difficulties and unconventional views on cancer treatment. Somers’ self-help books have outlined many of these viewpoints.

Thighmaster Earnings: 

Suzanne began appearing in infomercials for the Thighmaster in the early 1990s. The product was a huge success, grossing more than $100 million in sales.

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