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Say I Love You Season 2: What and where can you expect the return of new season?

If you enjoy romantic drama anime, you should check out ‘Say I Love You Season 1’. You’re undoubtedly looking for Say I Love You Season 2 if you haven’t already. The series is based on Kanae Hazuki’s manga of the same name.

As the title suggests, the series is about a high school boy and a small girl named Mei. These days, anime stories adapt high school content, and this show is no exception. It does, however, serve a different purpose, which aids in the story’s connection to the old school crush.

Those reading this essay undoubtedly enjoy the slice-of-life genre, and why wouldn’t you? What more do you need to submerge in the world of fantasy and assemble all those magical moments in your heads than imaginary romance and drama blended with real happenings of day-to-day life? Say I Love You is one of the most well-known animes from recent years, with a sizable manga and anime fandom.

Say I Love You Season 2

The show is based on Kanae Hazuki’s manga for the anime, and Zexcs produce the anime. The show’s manga includes 18 volumes, and as far as we know, the anime adaptation has only been shown for one season.

With only one season completed, the anime has earned high accolades from critics and may be considered a successful anime due to its large fan base. The show garnered a 7.44 rating on my anime list, which is extremely impressive and makes the anime well worth watching. Fans have been waiting for the Say I Love You Season 2 of the anime to be released for quite some time now, following the first release.

This is because the program is top-rated, and the anime manga contains 18 volumes, which is quite a lot, yet the anime adaptation is only for one season, so there is no content shortage.

Release Date for Say I Love You Season 2

The show’s manga, which lasted 18 volumes, began in 2008 and ended in 2017. Zexcs produced an anime adaptation of the play for a single season in 2012, with 14 episodes. We’ve also seen the manga adapted into a live-action film released in 2014.

There has been a long gap since the premiere of season 1 of the show, and fans have been eagerly anticipating Say I Love You Season 2. As far as we know, there is a reasonable probability that the show will be renewed for a Say I Love You Season 2, and the anticipated release date for the second season is around the middle or end of 2023. The show’s second season includes approximately 13-14 episodes, similar to the previous seasons, with each episode lasting approximately 24 minutes. Read more about Say I Love You Season 2.

The plot of Say I Love You Season 2

The Say I Love You Season 2 is mainly around Mei Tachibana, a 16-year-old high school student who has lost hope in friendship.

She only believes that her friends will eventually betray her, and as a result, she has no friends. Her unsociability has made her loathed by all of her classmates.

However, because of Tachibana’s unconventional way of life, they meet a trendy and gorgeous boy named Yamato Kurosawa, who develops affection for her. Tachibana and Kurosawa’s relationship quickly becomes uneasy, yet in times of trouble, she calls him for help because he is the only person she believes she can trust. They get into a relationship when certain instances transform into a lovely bond. The show highlights their beautiful friendship and Tachibana’s constant emotional state as a result of a childhood trauma involving betrayal by her middle school friends.

Say I Love You Season 2 Trailer

As far as we know, there have been no updates from the Say I Love You Season 2 creators regarding Say I Love You Season 2. No trailer has been released. However, the manga for the entire program is available online, and some clips from the show’s first season are on YouTube.

Cast of Say I Love You Season 2

If Say I Love You Season 2 continues, we will see the show’s two protagonists, who garnered enormous popularity in the previous season in Say I Love You Season 2.

Yamato Kurosawa, a popular schoolboy who aided Mei throughout the story, will appear. We will also meet Mei Tachibana, a lovely girl who was Yamato’s love interest. Some new characters may arise as the story progresses to a new vista in their lives.

Recap of Season 1

Yamato becomes sick and misses school. Mei’s friends encourage her to see him because she has become shy again. Mei phones Yamato the next day on her way to his house, only to hear Nagi’s voice tell her that he does not want to meet her today. Nagi wants to spoil Yamato and have him to herself. Kai and Mei subsequently cross paths at their customary meeting site after seeing each other at the bakery, and they apologize to one other and spend the rest of the day together.

Mei is stating I love you at the end of the closing credits, conveniently finishing the series by fulfilling the title. We observed Mei, Aiko, Asami, and Nagi cooking cookies at Mei’s residence by the end of Season 1. Nagi chases Yamato out of the house, knowing that the process will take some time. He gets a text from Kai asking if he wants to meet up at the park. When Yamato comes, it is good that at the rundown park, the two of them first spoke and connected.

After some banter, Kai asks Yamato why he was usually the first one at the park after school, even though he always seemed to be having a good time with a large crowd around him. Kai tells her that she’s remarkable for being true to herself while modeling as they start talking. Kai is mad, and Megumi shoots out at him. The cookies are finished at Mei’s residence and are lovely. Yamato hugs Mei and expresses his gratitude for her presence. They clasp hands and watch the sunset together before continuing their trek.

Where Can I Stream Say I Love You Season 2?

Say I love you anime is now available on various online anime streaming services, including anime tv, Crunchyroll, and others. We may also watch the Say I Love You Season 2 on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

FAQ: Say I Love You Season 2

Will we have a Say I Love You Season 2?

According to the sources, that is no official announcement regarding Say I Love You Season 2.

Do Yamato and Mei end up together in Say I Love You?

Well, and volume 11, they both get married and have a baby boy.

How many episodes are there in Say I Love You?

It has a total of 13 episodes.

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