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Rumors about the filming of Sweet Home Season 2: Read about it now!

Sweet Home fans are excited about the idea of a Sweet Home Season 2 after the apocalyptic horror K-huge drama’s popularity. The first season was praised for its high-quality visual effects, narrative, and actions and the fact that it finished on multiple cliffhangers.

Sweet Home Season 2 was previously supposed to begin filming in December 2021, but Netflix has denied the report. New speculations of Season 2 going into production have surfaced on the internet.

At a press presentation in December 2020, the director hinted at the prospect of a Sweet Home Season 2. Still, Netflix did not formally renew the series for a second season or provide any updates on its production.

There are a few pieces of evidence that Sweet Home Season 2 is real.

Sweet Home season 2 release date

Fans may have to wait long for Sweet Home Season 2 to return to Netflix.

Season 1 was shot over eight months, from June 2019 until February 2020. If production has only recently begun, we may have to wait until 2023 for the Sweet Home Season 2.

Even though the first season aired more than a year ago, Netflix is yet to confirm if the series will be renewed for a Sweet Home Season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2 was supposed to start filming and production before the end of the year, with Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, and Lee Si-young expected to return — however this was never confirmed.

Song’s agency, Namoo Actors, revealed in December 2021 that the actor was in talks to return to the series but had not yet accepted the part. At the same time, Netflix Korea indicated that “nothing has been decided yet” regarding the second season of Sweet Home and the casting of performers for the Sweet Home Season 2.

Plot Sweet Home Season 2

Eung-bok, the director of Sweet Home, has previously indicated that he wishes to stay true to the original webtoon on which the Sweet Home Season 2 is based. Despite Lee’s best efforts, the first season of Sweet Home had several alterations from the source material, including new characters and a reworked plot.

In the first season, a group of neighbours banded together to fight creatures bent on destroying civilization. Sweet Home’s characters must decide whether to work together or go alone, resulting in significant character development and story twists throughout the ten episodes.

Cast of Sweet Home Season 2:

While Netflix Korea has not confirmed who from the original Sweet Home cast would return for season two, there have been reports in the South Korean media that at least some of the performers will return. Cha Hyun Soo, a high school student, is the series’s protagonist.

Song Kang portrays Hyun Soo in the film. Season 1 of the show starred Lee JinWook as “former detective SangWook; Lee SiYoung as “former special operative Seo YiKung; Lee DoHyun as “brainiac Lee Eunhyuk; Park GyuYoung as musician Yoon JiSu; Go Min-Si as Eun Lee, Lee EunHuk’s younger sister; Kim NamGee as “Korean language professor Jeong JaeHeon; It.

Lee Si-young and Park Gyu-young, who played former fireman Seo Yi-kyung and bassist Yoon Ji-soo, respectively, will reprise their roles in the series, according to JTBC News.

Meanwhile, the show’s star actor Song Kang is reportedly in talks to return for a second season. His agency, Namoo Actors, has also confirmed this. “We are indeed in discussions about it, but nothing has been confirmed yet,” a representative from Namoo Actors told Star Today.

Recap of season 1

In the penultimate episode of ‘Sweet Home,’ Hyun Su finds himself on the verge of a moral cliff, persuaded by Ui Myeong’s dreams of world dominance. He sows the germ of distinction between monsters and humans in the mind of Hyun Su, who had long maintained a peaceful coexistence between the two. Understanding the monster within allows him to keep his humanity while preventing him from becoming a monster outside. Ui Myeong, on the other hand, is adamant that the two cannot coexist and that the monster is most obviously and simply a human evolution that not everyone can reach.

The mutation/transformation is induced by an excess of human passion and desire, not a virus.

Most of the characters transform when they’ve reached a breaking point in terms of hunger, rage, pain, hurt, vengeance, sacrifice, love, etc. The prevailing emotion becomes the driving power of the newly monstrous being; thus, the monster can be dangerous to humans or not, depending on the feeling. Ui Myeong, on the other hand, thinks that humans will never be able to comprehend this equation and will always be hostile to monsters of any kind. This, combined with government propaganda flyers urging villagers to hand over infected people in exchange for relief, drives home the point.

Further Storyline:

With residents threatening him and Ui Myeong, and the latter preventing Yuri and Sang Wook from leaving Green Home. Also, Hyun Su realizes that neither side is on his side and that the only way to protect his newfound family of strangers. Well, it is regardless of whether they accept him or not, is to leave with Ui Myeong. When Ui Myeong goes on a shooting spree, killing Sang Wook and Yuri and several of the residents within, Hyun Su’s humanity and monstrous are visibly wobbling.

Finally, unable (or unwilling) to maintain any pretence of “humanity,” he changes and kills Ui Myeong. Du Sik embraces him despite the spikes just before he entirely loses it. Also, assures him that nothing is his fault. Hyun Su can return to his human form as a result of this. However, he is thoroughly broken from experience. One thing is sure: kindness is the solution. Hyun Su wakes up with no memory of what happened, but his heart recalls everything. When a booby trap is accidently set off. Also, the troops begin firing while the other inmates make their way into the tunnel. Then he decides to surrender to the military. Meanwhile, Ui Myeong’s sludge monster gets away.


There is no trailer available yet for the season 2

FAQ: Sweet Home Season 2

Is Song Kang returning for Sweet Home Season 2?

According to previous rumours, Sweet Home Season 2 will begin filming in December 2021. According to a July report, Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Si Young. They are also expected to appear in the Sweet Home Season 2.

Is there going to be a Sweet Home Season 2?

There is currently no official news for Sweet Home Season 2 available.

What happens at the end of Sweet Home?

Sang-wook is allowed to escape, but this drives Ui-myeong to open fire, killing two survivors; Hyun-Soo is only stopped after he transforms into a monster. Du-Sik makes the ultimate sacrifice to calm Hyun-Soo down. Gil-seob dies quietly in his sleep in the other room and is buried.

What caused Cha Hyun-Soo to become infected?

Hyun-Su became afflicted as a result of his wants. So does the mother of a stillborn child. As the drama progresses, several characters transform into monsters,. It is giving in to their impulses, none more vile than watching the violent store manager change.


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