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Ten best sites and podcasts for movie reviews

We all look up movie reviews for different reasons, and we all have other interests when it comes to movies, and we all have different levels of passion for them. Before a movie, some people find movie reviews, while others use them afterward to discuss the film in more depth.

Reviewers can guide moviegoers to a good movie to watch just because they seek assistance in finding good movies. Movies take up a good deal of time, whether shown in theaters or at home, and money is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the film you are about to watch will be worth your time. Moreover, you may want to get an idea of what a movie will be like before choosing to watch it.

Despite this, we understand that some people are searching for movie reviews for completely different reasons. People can quickly see what critics think of a movie they are about to watch by looking at its rating number (or percentage). Those who review films for their little ones tend to want full details about a movie, which can help them decide whether or not to allow their children to watch it.

Our list includes the best sources for movie reviews, whether you prefer to read a review online or listen to a podcast. No matter what level of movie fan you are, there is a way to satisfy your movie needs and become a more educated moviegoer.

Listen to the podcast audio reviews.

Filmic tropes get deconstructed and historical assumptions challenged, and you can even watch some really bad movies to laugh along with your family. Shows for everyone are available, from Hollywood hopefuls and cinephiles to those just trying to get through their family dinner.

01. Mad about Movies

source =

The format of each episode of this weekly podcast follows a similar design, hosted by three friends. This show features three guys discussing general movie news, discussing a recently released film in-depth, and recommending one film. There is great chemistry between the hosts, who are very intelligent and funny, and the episodes typically last one to two hours. They also have some fun “Throwback” podcasts, such as one that throws it back to the original Beauty and the Beast before being adapted into a new, live-action film. 

02. The Greenlight Reviews

source =

The audio movie reviews have been recorded since 2005 by Hollywood critics Ann Elder and Les Roberts, who appear on every episode. Ann and Les’s experience in their movie reviews as actors, producers, and writers in Hollywood has given them all the necessary skills to provide an in-depth and entertaining assessment of a film. The studies were originally radio broadcasts, but they have since evolved into podcasts. They publish new podcasts regularly. Podcast episodes explore the plot (without providing major spoilers), the script, direction, casting, and overall positive and negative aspects of the movie.

03. Collider Movie Talk

source = podtail

The show is unique because each episode is not simply a podcast but also a video. Each show’s episode usually lasts about an hour and features five hosts talking about the latest in everything movies. Rather than focus on a single movie or movie series, it discusses a wide range of films, whether new releases, old movies, or those related to the discussion. Sometimes there are interviews with stars of new films and interesting and healthy debates among the hosts! Additionally, they include both film and television segments.

04. Now Playing

source = turbofuture

A rotating panel of film critics also contributes to the show. The three hosts are all involved in the show. Each episode reviews a decade-long movie catalog, especially series, and selects the best and the worst. There is such a thing as this series for critics. They cover a new movie every week and every film in a series upon release (for example, they reviewed every Bourne movie together with the new Jason Bourne movie). The shows usually last for an hour or two, but the host is so knowledgeable and entertaining that they never drag. Spoiler alert: it includes detailed plot information!

05. Scriptnotes

source = matthewchilelli

Scriptnotes, a weekly movie podcast presented by John August and Craig Mazin, answer aspiring screenwriters. While not claiming to provide much content, this film podcast offers more than its fair share of information. As a drama series that first aired in 2011, the early episodes of The Nitty Gritty examined everything from common writing mistakes to whether or not an idea is movie-worthy. The series also examined Hollywood inequality and the Bechdel test.

Reviews of websites

It is a pleasure to talk about the movie we just saw with our closest friends and family after leaving the cinema. In contrast, how about film review websites? Google this phrase and prepare for a barrage of results.

01. Roger Ebert

This website is one of the absolute best, most comprehensive websites for movie reviews, and even though the renowned movie critic died in 2013, it is still active. It is a reputable publication and a reliable critic that provides complete, fair, and interesting reviews. The website also includes a discussion board, information about the cast and creators of the films, and one-to-five-star reviews, making movie-watching decisions easy and quick. There is no shortage of older movies to browse on the site, and you can search for them by date, genre, or rating.

Visit –

02. PluggedIn

source = focusonthefamily

This site summarizes the negatives and positives of the films. It outlines the story before analyzing the negative and positive aspects of the film, including its violent content, language, and sexual content. The website does not exclusively review movies; it also reviews TV shows, books, music, and video games! Parents often turn to this site for movie reviews to determine what types of movies their children are watching.

03. Film Comment

Film buffs should not be looking at this site if they are just looking to enjoy movies for the sake of watching them. In the print magazine Film Comment, scholarly articles cover a few movies and many aspects of their artistic quality. Online versions are also available. This journal is published bimonthly and has been around since 1962. While some articles are about mainstream movies, the publication seems to be more focused on “art-house productions and avant-garde productions.”

04. Rotten Tomatoes

source = hollywoodreporter

Everyone relies on this site to find out who’s making movies, what’s playing, and when to see them. When it comes to a consensus about certain movies, Rotten Tomatoes is great if you’re already comfortable with their ratings. Using the “Tomatometer,” you can find out what critics rated the movie positively. Despite not providing a full plot description or review, it gives some information about the film and shows some cast. 

05. IMDB

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When there are so many releases in a week, there’s no better place to find out what people think than IMDB. Users leave reviews on every film title, including 1-star ratings and 10-star reviews!

There you have it! A list of some of the best podcasts and websites to review movies. Hopefully, this will help you find the right movie review location for you!

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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