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Tesla and it’s new update take the internet by storm! Know about it!

Social media platforms and the Internet is something that usually comes around to a new hot topic every single day and today it is none other than the very trending viral topic of Tesla and its new update which is going to roll out very soon. The news not only successfully caught the attention of all the Tesla owners but also created a chain of memes on social media platforms by others and hitting the headlines today just because of a one-day new update the company is planning to come up with.

 Updates from Tesla are one of the most awaited things by many people who are looking forward to it. Known for its penchant for innovation, the company comes out with a set of well-awaited updates especially during the holidays and as every year it does roll out and update it has done it again now.  Nevertheless, not all of these updates are particularly useful.

 Tesla is known for rolling out updates and it’s news just for fun and now, one of the new software update features is trending highly on the internet. As per the feature that Tesla has come up with, you will now be allowed to turn your vehicles into a “megaphone”. 

A short video clip was shared by Youtuber Ryan Shaw which demonstrated and showed how people can activate the “megaphone” feature. Well, then everything you say from inside their car echoes outside, and this effect will produce a sound similar to the sound coming out of a megaphone. Now, this feature will be only available to make use on new models of Tesla. It mainly includes car models that were made in or after 2019 and all the other models need to be fitted with external speakers. 

By this way, you can have the feature to function in older models and all the speakers were originally designed to issue warnings to pedestrians. Well, this new update has already become a hot topic trending on social media platforms where social media users share endless jokes and memes on it. As per the auto experts, the “megaphone” feature is an extension of last year’s “boombox”. 

Well, that feature allowed one to play pre-recorded music through their vehicles. However, as soon as the news of Tesla updating new features in their new models, especially the ones after being released in 2019, instantly hit the headlines, the megaphone is something that came out as a huge surprise to many Tesla car users and potential buyers in future.

Now, all the Tesla owners are taking it to the social media handles stating how and all they are planning to use the megaphone feature in the upcoming future. Many have also stated in the comment section of the post how excited they are for the new feature by the company. Some are sharing memes, a feature which they find really funny.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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