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The 73rd Republic Day pictures take the internet by storm!

The decorations during Republic Day are always the talk of the town. Surely it is a true fact that the government tries the best to keep the decorations after the mark on the big day. Every single hair will get to see so many amazing events. The pictures always go viral on the internet. The entire country is shining on the auspicious day. All so many other countries hona the republic Day of India. 

They even add some little decorations in their states honoring the country of India. Well it is something that we have been seeing over the years. This year the country was lighting up different iconic buildings. Also different constructions around the globe were with saffron, green and white shades. Some countries decided to join the celebration of Republic Day of India which made many desi netizens happy. This year we got to celebrate the 73rd Republic Day Of India. 

The Indian government and many monuments around the country were all beautifully decorated. Also the government officials decorated the monuments. It was with the colors of the Indian flag that made it more special. Government buildings, which is a center of attraction, come on such a big day in the country. Not forgetting the capital state Delhi always leaves us in amazement. 

Every single year you get to see the amazing elaborate Republic Day parade. Also, other states in the country join the celebrations in their own ways. They organize their own set of events and hold their own festivities. This year we got to see many deck up landmarks in beautiful decorations. Well railway stations and clock towers were marking the day. Well this year the spectacular drone show made the event more special. It was part of the Beating Retreat Ceremony rehearsals. The show at Rashtrapati Bhavan is getting super viral. It is on several social media platforms.

 The drone show consisted of 1,000 drones, all made in India.  Several Embassies from around the globe joined the celebrations. It is by lighting up in tricolor. Well, on the eve of Republic Day countries got to see many scenic views. The National holiday of Republic Day is hugely celebrated all over the country. It unites all Indians. Their work helped to make the day when the Indian Constitution came into effect on January 26, 1950. Well the pandemic hit many parts of the country very seriously. Thus many did not get to see the events and enjoy the view.

 That is, many people could not go to the events and see the show directly. It is because of several guidelines. Well it is that the government follows in order to cut short the spread of the virus. However the pictures and videos were available online as soon as the show came to an end. In many places the event timing was also decreased. All the guidelines by the government keep the public safe and avoid the spread of the virus. However there were still different shows that the government managed to organize. It is within the time limit. The scenic views that we get to see now online is because of the amazing events organized on the eve of republic Day.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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