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The account of a US Congresswoman has been suspended on Twitter due to falsehoods spread by Covid.

Twitter has permanently suspended Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account for “multiple violations” of the microblogging site’s Covid-19 misinformation policy.
“For repeated violations of our Covid-19 disinformation policy, we have permanently suspended the account (@mtgreenee). We’ve made it clear that, as part of our policy’s strike system, we’ll permanently suspend accounts for repeated policy infractions “On Sunday, a Twitter official issued a statement.
According to the Xinhua news agency, Twitter’s Covid-19 misinformation policy allows users up to five strikes for distributing potentially dangerous and inaccurate material before their accounts are permanently banned.

According to a storey in the San Francisco Chronicle, Greene was temporarily suspended by Twitter in August 2020 for tweeting about vaccine disinformation.
@RepMTG, her official congressional account, is still operational.
According to the BBC, Greene responded to the permanent suspension by saying it demonstrated Twitter is “an enemy of America.”
She claimed that “social media networks can’t stop the truth from spreading far and wide” and accused Twitter of assisting nameless foes in “a Communist revolution” in a statement posted to the Telegram social media app.

According to the BBC, Greene has sparked controversy by being a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump’s false assumptions that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, as well as being linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory.
She has frequently questioned vaccine efficacy and has been punished for refusing to follow Covid standards in Congress, including those on wearing masks on the House floor.



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