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The best-selling book adaptation of The Noel Diary is about to release on Netflix

With the excitement kept consistent for what is coming new on Netflix, the fall offers more than Netflix fans can finish off quickly. Trailer of This Is Us In addition to Bonnie Bedelia and Treat Williams, Justin Hartley has been cast as a lead. Netflix described the movie as being about a guy who comes home to manage his estranged mother’s estate and falls in love with a former acquaintance. For those who are unfamiliar with the novel, it provides a very lengthy summary.

The tale will likely center on what he discovers at home, particularly in an old journal that someone called Noel left behind, based on the book and movie titles.

Charles Shyer, who also wrote the script with Rebecca Connor and David Golden, is the film’s director.

I was interested in adapting this book for a variety of reasons. The Noel Diary’s plot seems to have room for both heart and humor while also offering fantastic visual and directing opportunities. A film that, in the words of Billy Wilder, “Could make ’em laugh and make ’em cry,” Because of Justin Hartley’s role in This Is Us, I decided to cast him. Given his impressive range, I just knew Justin could hit this one out of the park.

The cast of The Noel Diary

The main character, a bestselling novelist who comes home to settle his mother’s affairs following her death, will be played by Justin Hartley. Other cast members include Bonnie Bedelia, a Golden Globe contender, and Treat Williams, an Emmy candidate.

When best-selling novelist Jake Turner goes back to his childhood home for the holidays to handle his estranged mother’s estate, he finds a journal that could provide information about both his own history and the past of Rachel, an interesting young lady on a mission. They set off on a trip together to confront their pasts and learn about an entirely unexpected future.

the noel diary release date

The Noel Diary has a trailer—is it available?

There isn’t a trailer yet, and we shouldn’t anticipate seeing one until late October or early November. We could get a first glimpse at this film at the Tudum event in September, however, Netflix will likely release more Netflix & Chills content for their 2022 lineup with Halloween just around the corner.

Hartley has secured his TV comeback in the CBS pilot The Never Game, portraying lone-wolf survivor Colter Shaw as he traverses the nation as a “reward seeker,” following the finale of This Is Us this year.

Storyline and Plot of The Noel Diary 

Best-selling romance novelist Jacob Churcher hasn’t lived at home in nearly twenty years; when he was just sixteen, his mentally ill mother ejected him from the family. Days before Christmas, a lawyer calls to tell Jacob that his estranged mother has died and has left her house to him. Jacob returns not just to settle the estate but also to attempt to make up for the suffering and cruelty he endured as a boy. Additionally, perhaps organizing her home will be a little less dismal than spending the holidays alone while watching Christmas classics on repeat. But as it turns out, the house contains more than just unpleasant memories; Jacob’s mother had developed a hoarding problem, and he must dig through twenty years’ worth of accumulation.

Like an archaeologist, Jacob excavates the debris and unearths several intriguing artifacts, including a journal written by a young lady called Noel who resided with Jacob’s family during her pregnancy but of whom he has no memory. There are other historical echoes as well. Rachel, a lady searching for the mother who gave her up for adoption thirty years earlier, pays Jacob an unexpected visit. Jacob and Rachel start looking for Noel because they are both trying to understand the past and build new chapters in their lives. They discover more than they could have ever anticipated along the journey, including grace, mercy, and a chance at love.

What stage of The Noel Diary’s production is it at?

According to issue 1241 of Production Weekly, filming for The Noel Diary took place in Stamford, Connecticut, between May 24 and June 28, 2021. Additional filming was done in Canada’s Vancouver, British Columbia. Reports from the area claim to have seen the production filming there. The Stamford Advocate announced in May 2021 that they were actively seeking extras for the project. The Manchester Memorial Hospital was decked out for the holidays, according to a mid-June 2021 article in The Hartford Courant.

the noel diary release date

Faqs on The Noel Diary 

Does Netflix have The Noel Diary?

On November 24, 2022, The Noel Diary will be made available on Netflix worldwide.

What location is used to film the Noel diary?

According to issue 1241 of Production Weekly, filming for The Noel Diary took place in Stamford, Connecticut, between May 24 and June 28, 2021. Additional filming was done in Canada’s Vancouver, British Columbia.

What is the plot of The Noel Diary on Netflix?

A best-selling novelist discovers a journal that contains previous secrets as he goes back home for Christmas to settle his mother’s inheritance.


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