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The Big Brunch is created & hosted by Dan Levy : Read more.

Breakfast is regarded as the most significant meal of the day. The Big Breakfast, a brand-new reality cooking competition, gives brunch the respect it deserves. Those who made this assertion, however, obviously have never been to a lovely brunch.

The ideal combination of breakfast and lunch is brunch, frequently finished with a beautiful glass of champagne. Dan Levy, who is presenting and serving as a judge of The Big Brunch, is aware of the draw of this memorable meal. The show’s creator, Dan Levy, is the mind behind “Schitt’s Creek.” He sets the tone, serves as host, and is determined to treat those who prepare brunch with some respect. Mr. Levy is waiting for entrants when they arrive so he may welcome them; he does not storm into a kitchen full of anxious chefs as dramatic music plays. He frequently enters the kitchen during challenges with a drink in hand, encouraging the cooks and giving advice and reminders of what the judges are seeking.

The set simulates a high-end, professional restaurant with a distinct front-and-back-of-house separation and a well-lit pass where the initial courses are typically evaluated. While there is a feeling of competition (the winner is vying for a $300,000 prize), entrants are naturally friendly and helpful, as in “The Great British Baking Show,” carrying one other’s delicacies to the judges.

The program follows ten outstanding culinary experts who demonstrate their talents in the kitchen to win the six-figure cash prize and win over Levy and his panel of judges. What else should fans anticipate from this brand-new cooking contest ?

the Big Brunch on HBO Max
the Big Brunch on HBO Max

The Big Brunch Release date

HBO Max is currently broadcasting The Big Brunch in the US. Beginning on November 10, the first three episodes of this eight-part reality series will be accessible.

Weekly premieres of new episodes will take place on Thursdays.

The UK debut date for the series has yet to get a formal announcement. We’ll share that information with you as soon as it becomes accessible.

The cast of The Big Brunch  

Dan Levy, an actor, writer, and producer who has won four Emmys, will serve as both the competition series’ host and judge. Levy’s brilliant performance as David Rose in the popular sitcom Schitt’s Creek has made him instantly familiar to many TV viewers. (If you haven’t watched the comedy, you can watch it on Hulu.)

the Big Brunch on HBO Max
the Big Brunch on HBO Max

Dan Levy is hosting The Big Brunch and serving as a judge at the same time. Levy is perhaps familiar to TV viewers from his stint on Schitt’s Creek. 

The actor, born in Canada, made his acting debut on television in the role of Robbie in Degrassi: The Next Generation. Before landing the role in Schitt’s Creek alongside his real-life father, Eugene Levy, he appeared in the Tina Fey film Admission.

Sohla El-Waylly, an American chef, will be on the panel with Levy. The cook is renowned for both her skill in the kitchen and her alluring charm. She has been in several New York Times cooking segments and most recently shown how to make a three-course meal out of Hot Pockets. Look at this.

Will Guidara completes the panel of judges for the upcoming reality program? He is a restaurateur from the United States and a co-owner of the Make It Nice hospitality organization, which operates eateries like NoMad in Las Vegas, NoMad in Los Angeles, and NoMad in New York City. Contestants for the Big Brunch:

  1. Antwon Brinson
  2. J Chong
  3. Nadege Fleurimond
  4. Daniel Harthausen
  5. Kelly Jones
  6. Kip Poole
  7. Catie Randazzo
  8. Danielle Sepsy
  9. Roman Wilcox
  10. Mason Zeglen
the Big Brunch on HBO Max
the Big Brunch on HBO Max

The plot of The Big Brunch  

The following is how Warner Media explains The Big Brunch’s premise:

“The Big Brunch, created by Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) and centers on one of the most adaptable yet underappreciated eating experiences, honors creative and unheard-of culinary voices across the nation. Ten outstanding chefs have the chance to share their tales and business aspirations in this eight-episode cooking competition series as they compete for a $300,000 cash prize. The Big Brunch showcases the newest American culinary success stories with Levy serving as host and judge alongside fellow chefs Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara.”


The official trailer for HBO Max has just been out, and we must admit that it has us curious and hungry. Because The Big Brunch is an HBO Max Original series, all episodes can be watched there. Make sure you have a streamer subscription if you’re planning to watch the culinary competition. The site now provides a few different subscription options. Look at this.

FAQs :

What is The Big Brunch show ?

The Big Brunch, the outcome, makes its HBO Max debut on Thursday, Nov. 10. Ten chefs competing on the show, each seeking to make the world a better place while creating delectable dishes, will be judged by Dan, Sohla El-Waylly, a chef and television personality, and Will Guidara, a hospitality expert.

Where is Sohla going ?

Ancient Recipes with Sohla is a web series by El-Waylly for the American television network History. She also hosts Mystery Menu for the New York Times Cooking YouTube channel. Along with Dan Levy and Will Guidara, she will serve as a judge on the upcoming HBO Max culinary reality competition, The Big Brunch.

How many chefs are there at The Big Brunch ?

Dan Levy claims that his “faith in people” was by the new show “The Big Brunch” Meet the 10 Chefs Competing.

Who are The Big Brunch’s judges ?

Despite the reputation of some well-known judges in the food industry, such as Gordon Ramsay, for being severe, Dan Levy, Sohla El-Waylly, and Will Guidara undoubtedly provide a degree of excitement.


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