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The Bofuri Season 2: Cast and storyline!

One of the famous fictional series that everyone likes is the Bofuri. Every gamer who likes watching animation should surely watch this one. It is like a dream come true for designers to get a true virtual reality experience. Well, on the bright side, the show makers did a great job . The series shows what fictional life would be truly like if it exists. If you have not watched season 1 of the series yet then you surely go for it. This anime is something that will be entertaining to watch. Technically, there are many anime that. But still the fan following for this premise is huge.  The tone of “Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt So I’ll Max Out My Defense” is amazing. 

The anime “Bofuri” is all revolving around an MMORPG in a true VR setting. Fans will truly get to see “Sword Art Online” lean. Also the thing that is famous is you will get the experience of hardcore gamers. Well, “Bofuri” is simply a loveably-stupid noob. Bofuri slips and falls to become one of the strongest players. It is in the fictional VRMMORPG, NewWorld Online. As per the reports by Anime News Network, in the beginning it was all set. They thought the series would be an independent web novel. The novel came out in 2016 by author Yuumikan. Thanks to its amazing plot, it changed in popularity before spawning adaptations. 

Further then came out as a light novel and a manga. The most recent release regarding the plot was the anime. The show’s first season came to an end in 2020. The good news is that there was an official announcement regarding the second season. The fan following of season 1 was so huge that the show makers came up with the news of season 2. Well, here is all the information that you should know about “Bofuri” Season 2.

The Bofuri Season 2 Release Date: when will they release it?

Fans of “Bofuri” eagerly waiting for the latest updates. Well surely they were happy to know about the release of season 2. Well it is set to release quickly too. The show’s makers, Silver Link, stated about Season 2 at the finale of season 1. Well with the news of Season 2 they stated an approximate neet date for releasing it. 

As per the reports the makers are looking forward to releasing it in 2022. We anime lovers know that it is difficult for the makers to always come up with a new season. It is also not very often that we actually get to see a new season. Thus, this news by the makers was actually a good one for many of the fans.  Thankfully, the show makers did not keep us waiting for season 2 of “Bofuri.” Well the announcement for Season 2 was out midway through the COVID-19. The pandemic caused the delay of many of the shows and series. The production team faced a lot of issues. It is in releasing several shows during the pandemic time. 

Talking about the current situation We do not know what is going to happen in future. There might be a delay in their release date of “Bofuri” Season 2. However, Silver Link’s has not come up with any latest has not come up with any latest comment. They have no announcement on the issue either. Thus we can say it is a good sign for us. There might be things going on super their plan.

Cast of Bofuri Season 2: who will you get to see?

One of the main reasons behind the Fame of “Bofuri” is its characters. Well almost the entire fandom is crazy behind our protagonist. Kaede Honjou (aka Maple in the game) is someone important for the show. Honjou makes herself overpowered. Season 1 revolves around her and her making friends. She uses a game to make friends. We see that she is having a good time and overcomes all the obstacles.  In the beginning she starts with only playing with her close friend from school.

 Later she becomes a guild leader. She grows to become an active influence on the RPG’s wider community. Well in season 2 obviously we will get to see her and her friends. The central cast members will surely be returning in season 2.  There are going to be all the cast members in their respective roles. Also can we forget the ladies with Maple? Of course not. There is going to be Kaede Hondo and Megan Shipman making an entry. Obviously they are going to have a huge number of events along with them in season 2. 

Also the contribution by the supporting cast in season 1 was huge. Few actors behind the core members return. We can include Maple’s guild, Maple Tree in both Japanese and English dubs. Well the latter was concurrently in the original through Funimation. It was via Anime News Network. You will get to see characters such as Sally (Ruriko Noguchi/Jad Saxton). There is going to be Koromu (Noriyaki Sugiyama/Anthony Bowling). Also, you will see Kanade (Satomi Arai/Brittney Karbowski).  

The story of Bofuri Season 2: what can you expect?

The end of “Bofuri” Season 1 showed the Maple Tree becoming one. They were standing in NewWorld Online’s latest community event. The team was standing against the Holy Sword. Maple Tree’s showed an epic game. In the end, there was only Maple and Payne left. Well Payne brings Maple down to her last bit of health. Still she comes up with an ace in the hole. We got to see her Atrocity form.

 She uses her latest OP ability, and helps the remaining powerful guild. She leads her team, ensuring a victory for another team. Thus it secures the Maple Tree third place. At the end Maple invites everyone, including her enemies. They all celebrate together. Well the anime makers did not reveal the next story. So we do not know what will happen next to Maple and friends. However,  Silver Link has plenty of source material to bring more seasons. Now “Bofuri” will mostly expand their stories further.


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