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The British High commissioner Alex Ellis tries Vada Pav in Mumbai! Here is how netizens react!

We often see foreigners reacting to many Indian foods and trying many Indian dishes to know how extremely tasty Indian delicacy foods can be. Similarly, a video of a British High Commissioner trying out India’s one of the most famous Vada Pav is going very much viral on the internet. Well before the British High commissioner to India tried out the South Indian dish dosa and he loved each bite of it. Well, the video of him enjoying each bite of dosa with his hands went very much viral on social media back in August month. His reaction is what got the eyes of many social media users and they were happy to see him enjoying the Indian dishes. 

source = indiatoday

Well,  however this time the picture of him eating a vada pav with his hand has gone viral online and again netizens loved that he loved the famous Maharashtrian snacks too. The British commissioner is currently in Maharashtra as he is meeting with the chief minister and top delegates. He was seen enjoying Vada Pav at the gateway of India. Vada Pav is actually a very famous fast food which is native to Maharashtra and is actually a deep-fried food. The potato dumpling inside the pav is fried and the Vada Pav is eaten with chutney as well as green chilies. 

Alex Ellis shared the photo of him holding a vada pav in his hand and he captioned the post on a Twitter account with ” There’s always time to have a vada pav in Mumbai- lai bhaari.” The term lai bhaari is actually a native Maharashtrian phrase that means ‘so great.’ Alex Ellis began his Mumbai visit by visiting a Ganesh workshop ahead of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. He also posted a picture of him joining hands in front of Lord Ganesha idol with the caption “Like many good beginnings, I have started my #Mumbai visit today by visiting a wonderful Ganesha workshop ahead of #GaneshChaturthi.”  

Currently, this particular post of him on his Twitter account has more than 2.8 thousand likes. As per the post by Alex Ellis holding a vada pav in his hand has more than 21.3 thousand likes and it has many comments too.  All of these pictures from visiting Mumbai are very much viral and the many social media users are in love with the spirit of Alex trying to explore India and its delicacies. He has been trying out many Indian dishes and also the comment section of the post by him is filled with many recommendations why people are sharing all the food varieties that are a must-try in India. A social media user commented “Gals you like that. Mumbai has amazing food variety.” Another comment by a Twitter account user was “Bon appetite.”

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