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The carbon dating method has shown 3200 years of Tamil Nadu civilization!

During an excavation in Sivakalai located in the Tuticorin district paddy and soil came out of an urn which was discovered during this excavation. This has confirmed that civilization developed on the Thamirabarani river banks. This civilization is dated around 3200 years ago and this was officially announced by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M K Stalin at the state assembly on Thursday. Chief Minister Stalin further said that this was confirmed by the method of AMS carbon dating which was done by US lab beta analytic. 

It was then discovered that this paddy in the box dated back to 1155 BCE, how we can see that this is dated 600 years older than the findings which were found in Keeladi which is located in the Sivagangai district, where the ongoing unearthing has been throwing up very exciting and amazing findings. Talking about the Graffiti which was found in the Indus valley civilization and all that was found in South India, historians said that they all are about 80% identical. So as a result it can be said that there may be some connection between the Indus valley civilization South India and also including Sri Lanka. 

Thamirabarani is the shortest river of Tamilnadu which starts from Pothigai hills located in the Western ghats of Ambasamudram taluk, and then it flows through Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli district and ends at Korkai located in Tirunelveli district, into the Gulf of Mannar Bay of Bengal. 

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister M K Stalin now said that to spread the information about the artifacts that were found during all the excavations to everyone the government has decided to open up a museum at Tirunelveli district. This will be done to showcase the very rare artefacts which were found in Adichanallur and Sivagalai, located in Thoothukudi district and Korkai, at a cost of rupees 15 crores. 

Chief Minister Stalin also said while making a statement in assembly that, “to establish the ancientness of Chera country and culture, the state government will conduct excavations at Chera era port city Musiri (now Patnam) in Kerala along with the local archeologists. Likewise, study should be conducted after Vengi in Andhra Pradesh, Talakadu in Karnataka, and the Palur in Odisha with the help of local archaeologists.” 

The chief minister of Tamilnadu also said that the department of state archaeology would conduct excavation and Research in Quseir al Qadim, which is located in Egypt. Actually, Quseir al Qadim in Egypt was once a part of the Roman empire. And in addition to this, it was also part of a Khor Rori which is located in Oman. This is done to establish Tamils’ trade relations with these countries. 

M K Stalin also added in his statement that the government will also conduct similar research on southeast Asian countries, which includes Malaysia Indonesia Thailand, and Vietnam (which was actually conquered by Rajendra Chola who was a Tamil king), and this will be done with the help of some local archaeologists. 

The Chief Minister said, “in search of cultural roots of Tamil we will travel across the world. the government will scientifically establish with evidence that the history of the Indian subcontinent should begin with the Tamil landscape.”  You also record the time when the union government did not complete the excavation at Keeladi, prompting the state to continue its initiative.

He further said, “for the activation and carbon dating established that Tamils literate in the 6th century BCE itself. Keeladi has reunited Tamils all over the world and with that spirit in the state archaeological department is ready to research at Adichanallur, Sivagalai, Korkai, Kodumanal, Mayiladumparai, and Gangaikonda Cholapuram “

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