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The Covid rise is set to change millions of people’s lives in the United States, according to the report.

The Covid-19 issue is growing at an extraordinary speed, threatening to disrupt millions of Americans’ daily lives in the first month of the year, according to media reports on Sunday.
As per the most recent data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States had an all-time high of more than 386,000 reported cases per day on Friday.
“According to Saturday’s briefing from New York Governor Kathy Hochul, New York continues to break its own record, adding 85,476 recorded Covid-19 instances,” CNN writes. Since December 27, when New York recorded an addition of 26,737 cases, the number of one-day case increases has grown by 219 percent.

“Omicron could be located everywhere across the globe . What I’m most concerned about over the next month or so is that our economy will collapse, not as a result of federal or state policies, but rather as a result of the fact that so many of us are sick “According to the report, Dr. Megan Ranney, an emergency medicine professor at Brown University’s School of Public Health,
According to the Johns Hopkins Centre for Systems Science and Engineering, the United States continues to be the worst-affected country, with 54,859,966 cases and 825,816, respectively, the world’s largest number of cases and deaths (CSSE).

Governor Phil Murphy said on Twitter that PCR testing revealed more than 28,000 additional Covid-19 cases in New Jersey.
The Governor said during the press conference that the figure had “tripled from just two weeks ago, and four times as many instances as during the peak of last winter’s outbreak.”
As hospitals struggle with staffing shortages, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has announced the deployment of around 1,250 National Guard personnel. On New Year’s Day, over 2,000 flights were cancelled as the Omicron strain of the coronavirus disrupted airline operations during the holiday travel season in the United States.

As of 7.30 a.m., 2,311 flights entering, leaving, or inside the United States have been cancelled, according to FlightAware, a flight-tracking website. Another 424 flights were rescheduled on Saturday.
According to the latest data from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, covid hospitalizations for children increased by 58% in the last week across the country (CDC).
The United States is seeing an average of 260 paediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations each day, up nearly 30% in just a week, according to data from December 21 to December 27.
Unvaccinated people of all ages, including children, are at a heightened risk, according to CBS News.



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