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The cute thread on Twitter, of a little girl striking up a conversation with a stranger on a flight, wins everyone’s hearts

After so many months, people have now started traveling again. The railways and Airways have been allowing people to travel once again as the Covid situations are controlling a bit. As now the count has been eventually decreased, the airways have started the services and people can now travel. We have already had many stories and incidents that happened when people were traveling in flight. But recently one such cute encounter of a woman on her recent flight with a little girl is winning everyone’s heart.

Kati Hartwig from Columbus, Ohio recently traveled on Southwest airlines where she counted and had a conversation with the little girl on the flight. The conversation they both had was initially posted by Kati on Twitter as a thread and everyone liked it a lot! The little girl was about 6 years old sitting in her adjacent seat. The girl identified as Shawnee indeed was really excited about her trip to Florida, and she even told Kati, “I am going to talk to you randomly so you need to be prepared ok?”.

She tweeted “my seatmate on my flight is a six-year-old little girl who started our trip with “I am going to talk to you randomly so you need to be prepared ok?” And then Kati started tweeting more about the conversation they both had.

The little girl was so bonding with Kati that during their flight, the little girl also helped her to choose the photos and videos of her for her work profile. “She is also helping me decide what videos and photos will be good for Instagram. Yeah, keep the camera there, that way I can see out the window”, ” Priorities.”, tweeted Kati.

Kati said that the little girl’s quirky commentary that she made on everything, whether it was flight food or the view outside, literally everything was quite impressive. One of the most impressive things that the little girl did was when she said that people should actually thank someone else for air travel, none other than the Wright brothers. Explaining this scenario, Katie tweeted that Southwest air should definitely give Shawnee 2636 wings or something special as she is an absolute gem!

From making quirky comments for her pretty method choice of shows to watch on her tablet, Kati jokingly said that maybe Shawnee is older than her. “Stop it. Of all the movies and cartoons on her iPad, she decided to turn on Southwest air live TV and watch HGTV.”, she tweeted.

She has posted a huge thread on Twitter where she has detailed all her interesting conversations with Shawnee. Well with all the tweets, the duo surely had an interesting conversation and Kati thoroughly enjoyed Shawnee’s comments about everything.

When the flight was about to land and the journey came to an end, Shawnee sweetly thanked Kati for a great time. “I feel like I am lucky because I got to sit by you”, excuse me while I go cry in a corner” Kati tweeted. There is no doubt that Kati was also so impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the trip with her fellow mate!

The thread, posted by Kati, was so cute and everyone was so delighted by this thread, but there were some people who questioned its authenticity. And no doubt that Kati replied in a smart way! She tweeted ” I did not take a photo of the girl because I’d never exploit her like that. Especially with her age. But I did catch our conversation during landing. Here you go troll. Good things do happen.” And then she added a clip of them having a cute conversation. As the Twitter thread went viral, Southwest airlines itself replied to her and asked other passengers to share their experiences in flight too. She also answered some questions on Instagram too. And indeed everyone loved the conversation between them!



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