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The festival of spreading the color’: Apple CEO offers Holi wishes making netizens happy!

The beautiful festivals of India are very much famous around the globe. We have seen so many famous personalities showering the beautiful messages spreading wishes on other Indian festivals. Well now taking it to the official Twitter account the pictures giant chief also made many social media users from India very happy. Well one of the happiest festivals in India which is celebrated around the world by trains by many Indians for sure is Holi. The beautiful festival having a beautiful meaning behind it is what attracts many people. 

But it is this social media user who shared the three beautiful pictures captured by two Indian photographers on this big day that is making Indian people happy. He also offers wishes to other people who absolutely love it. Yes we are talking about the Apple CEO Tim Cook sharing pictures on Friday. Many social media users who came across this beautiful amazing post were showing it how much they were to see it. The comment section of the post is with all the positive reviews from people especially Indian people who came across it. Also there were many people who started sharing the beautiful pictures shared by him initially.

The beautiful pictures shared by Cook:

 He also stated about the colorful images of the festival. These Beautiful pictures which give us a glimpse of Holi taken by two Indian photographers who actually captured it on their iPhone 13 pro Max. reports the CEO shared beautiful pictures showcasing the festival of colors. And he also captured the electrifying excitement and enthusiasm that is very much related with this festival. According to the sources, all these beautiful pictures were shot in Barsana and Nandgaon which are located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 

“Wishing everyone celebrating Holi a vibrant beginning to spring,” the tech giant’s chief Tom Cook wrote. “Here’s to spreading the joy of colour with these beautiful images,” he added further. Well, it was along with the pictures captured by photographers Gursimran Basra (@coffeekarma) and Rohit Vohra (@rohit_apf). Talking about the wishes that he spreaded on the day of this Indian festival, it became one of the most trendy pictures and posts. Last Diwali also Tom Cook shared some beautiful pictures related to the festival. As per the reports those pictures were by Basra. Then  the year before he posted the images by Vohra. 

The reactions on social media!

Several social media users from India who came across this post were really happy to see it. Also Tom cooker wished everyone on Holi was one of the hottest topics of the town. Well, he was also praising the photographers for taking such beautiful images with the Apple iPhone 3 pro Max phone. Holi is one such festival that always becomes successful to attract too many people around the globe every single year. It  starts on the evening of Purnima (full-moon night) of the lunar month of Phalgun.

 Well,on the evening of the festival (Chhoti Holi) people celebrate it by lighting a bonfire. Then they perform rituals for signifying  Holika Dahan. Iyis for showing the win of good over evil.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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