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The funny squirrel from the Ice Age gets a happy ending in a farewell video. 

For all the fans of the Ice Age, we know that we cannot just get enough of the fantastic movies. The tremendous plot with the beautiful animation has attracted many people from around the globe. Also, people who love such animated films are huge of an ice age. While talking about this fantastic movie, do you still remember the character name Scrat? Yes, we are talking about the sabre-toothed squirrel from the Ice Age movies. The first you are we all know that the animal is very much luck in the film.

The poor animal always faces a lot of obstacles and difficulties. Also, the only thing the animal wants in the entire movie is to hold onto the only precious thing in his life, which is his acorn. In the beginning and also in the different parts of the Ice Age movie, we fans got to see Scrat making many appearances in the scenes. The character of the adorable animal just always leaves with a smile for sure. His stupid actions and the cute gestures always left us giggling over the fact that the animal is so crazy over its precious acorn.

The adorable character:

When it comes to this movie, we will never be able to forget the stupid antics of this adorable little squirrel. Now, Blue Sky Studios, the animation company behind the Ice Age franchise, has come up with something new. They were able to surprise all the fans of the movies with a unique sweet farewell video. The company decided to release a farewell video for the ill-fated squirrel. According to the sources, the story was shut down back in 2021. Well, Disney decided to shut down the studio due to the outbreak of the dangerous virus of covid-19. The Pandemic also affected many industries, including the film industry and a significantly higher range of.

We got to see a lot of loss and the laying of releases of the new movies. But it is excellent that the final situations are becoming good and the life is back on track right now. In many places, The count of the covenant in cases has also decreased to a significantly higher range. It is good to know that governments take the measurements very seriously in all parts of the globe. Now talking about the makers of the movie Ice Age, we decided to finally give the adorable character of Scrat a good Happy ending. Nature results in a good finish as it has made us always laugh and has lightened the mood whenever the scene of this minor character comes up in the movie.

A happy farewell:

All the fans who came across his viral video while happy and delighted to watch it. Also, many people were coming on the character and how it always made them comfortable during the movies each release. Well, we all know that this adorable character of Scrat always thinks, and that is his acorn. “In the final days of Blue Sky Studios, a small team of artists came together to do one final shot. This shot is a farewell, a send-off on our terms,” says the very crazy viral post caption. Talking about their official statement, the studio thanked people for supporting them.

They had a beautiful 34 year-long journey with the fans. It is undoubtedly appreciated by many of the people who loved their movies—all the social media users who came across the sweet ending while leaving a pleased one. Many social media users, especially the great movies fans, also pointed out how the character had been their favourite character. It is since their childhood. Many people also got several memories of their childhood when they used to go first watched this movie as soon as it gets released.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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