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The Lincoln Lawyer season 1: cast, plot and everything that you want to know!

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 is based on Michael Connelly’s blockbuster novels. There are great hopes for the next series, with Hollywood legend David E. Kelley as both the creator and executive producer. Kelley’s work includes Chicago Hope, The Practice, Ally McBeal, and Boston Legal, to mention a few.

Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife) and executive producer Ross Fineman (The Good Wife) are also behind the scenes on the show (Big Sky). Despite the show’s star power and the film adaptation of Connelly’s novels starring Matthew McConaughey was a sleeper hit in 2011, it’s been a long road.

Here’s everything to read about The Lincoln Lawyer.  

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 release date:

On Friday, May 13, The Lincoln Lawyer became available to view Netflix in the United States and the United Kingdom. The 10-episode season provides users with even another incentive to binge-watch.

An episode guide for Season 1 may be found below.

“He Rides Again,” Episode 1

“After a personal and professional downfall, Los Angeles defence attorney Mickey Haller is offered an unexpected opportunity by a colleague.”

“The Magic Bullet” is the second episode.

“While Mickey is trying to obtain evidence for his defence in a high-profile murder trial, Maggie offers him an opportunity to help repair her trust.”

“Momentum,” the third episode.

“Mickey searches for a connection between the Trevor Elliott case and his mystery new client, Lorna pursues a lead, and Cisco expresses security worries.”

“Chaos Theory” is the fourth episode.

“Mickey talks things over with Detective Griggs after a close call at his office. Maggie’s human trafficking witness is having second thoughts.”

Episode 5: “Trevor’s demands during jury selection irritate Mickey, so he seeks some unconventional help.” Cisco discovers yet another person with a hidden agenda.”

Other episodes:

6th episode: “Bent.”

“As Mickey looks for the source of a possible bribe, he meets with Lara’s former colleague, revisits an old case, and helps Maggie.”

“Lemming Number Seven” is the seventh episode.

“Mickey seeks to claim the police had tunnel vision on the first day of Trevor’s trial. Maggie gets a lead from a fresh witness. Lorna and Hayley enter.”

“The Magic Bullet Redux,” Episode 8

“Mickey seeks for the one piece of evidence that will blow his case wide open after a bruising day of testifying. On Soto, Maggie has a deadline.”

“Desperate to clear his name, Trevor forces Mickey to testify, but the dangerous plan leaves Mickey with more questions than answers.”

“As the puzzle pieces fall into place, Mickey confronts Trevor, and his chance to right a previous wrong could have fatal ramifications for Maggie.”

The concept of the Lincoln Lawyer

“Mickey Haller, an iconoclastic idealist, runs his law office out of the back seat of his Lincoln, as he takes on cases big and small across the broad United States,” according to Netflix.

The first season is based on the second book in the Lincoln Lawyer series, The Brass Verdict, by acclaimed author Michael Connelly, and is based on the second book in the Lincoln Lawyer series, The Lincoln Lawyer.” Mickey Haller, a criminal defence attorney, works mainly from the back of his black Lincoln Town Car, escorted by Earl Briggs, in Los Angeles County, California. Most of his career has been spent defending low-level offenders, such as Eddie Vogel’s biker gang.


The first season of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer wraps up themes of corruption, and what justice looks like inside and outside the system. The system fails in season one. Elliott is said guilty but is not guilty. Menendez was first convicted despite his innocence. Soto was guilty, but the case was dismissed. Complicity in the miscarriage of justice is evident at every level of the court system. As a result, the judge denied by the court system was finally delivered outside of it. By killing Elliott, DuBois was able to bring justice to Rilz. By ensuring that the FBI tried Soto, McPherson provided justice for her witness. Haller enlisted the help of Cisco and Lorna to pursue justice through unusual means. 

The Lincoln Lawyer is a show about justice with a lawyer, but it’s not about law and order, as the season one episode “The Brass Verdict” demonstrates. Trevor Elliott was assassinated because the legal system. He is not able to convict him of the double homicide, subject to a dubious verdict. According to Detective Griggs, a brass verdict occurs. It is when a jury gives a not guilty decision, but vigilante justice is later to a guilty defendant. Carol DuBois (Night of the Living Dead’s Heather Mazur) couldn’t have known Elliott was guilty. It is based on a gut feeling because Haller only gave the smoking gun proof to Elliott after the shooting.

The execution:

 However, from the start of the trial, DuBois was facing his guilt, and she had a strong emotional attachment to one of the victims. DuBois would be facing with deliberate homicide under the law if she shot Elliott with the intent to kill him without cause. Elliott’s execution, however, is justified in a “ends justify the means” perspective under the informal theory of the brass verdict because the justice system’s inability to convict him a second injustice, the brass verdict, which was by his death

Season 1 cast of The Lincoln Lawyer

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays Mickey Haller, the main character in The Lincoln Lawyer. Garcia-Rulfo has previously appeared in films such as Widows, Goliath, and The Magnificent Seven as Carlos, Gabriel Ortega, and Vazquez. Author Michael Connelly had this to say about the starring man:

“Manuel is the ideal Mickey Haller, as Haller follows in the footsteps of his attorney father. It is with the showmanship of his Mexican movie star mother. Manuel brings a powerful dynamic and dimension to the role. Well, one that aligns with the books. Also, will give the show the opportunity to celebrate the Latinx heritage and roots of this Los Angeles-based story. Scream actress Neve Campbell will play Maggie McPherson alongside Garcia-Rulfo in the series. Campbell is a film and television veteran who has come a long way since Party of Five.

The rest of the primary cast is as follows:

  • Becki Newton as Lorna 
  • Jazz Raycole as Izzy Letts
  • Angus Sampson as Cisco  
  • Christopher Gorham as Trevor Ellio

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 trailer 

When seeing the first season trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer, one can’t help but think of Boston Legal. Check it out for yourself:


Where can I watch The Lincoln Lawyer?

You can watch The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix, Hulu and also on Amazon prime.

Do we have a The Lincoln Lawyer season 2?

We can expect Netflix to renew The Lincoln Lawyer for a second part.

Is Harry Bosch a part of The Lincoln Lawyer?

Well the character is not appearing in the Netflix show but is a part of the book.

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