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Here are everything about the new release The Meg 2 : The Trench

In the original movie, a team of scientists ran into the titular enormous prehistoric shark. The Meg is a film adaption of Steve Alten’s 1997 book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. Because audiences were captivated, the movie made more than $530 million worldwide.
Given those figures, it makes sense that Warner Bros. Pictures would be anxious to produce a sequel, possibly making this the next big sci-fi/horror franchise. So, what do we know about The Meg 2: The Trench coming out next year?
What new experiences can we expect to witness, and how will the original plot be continued? Who is coming back from the first movie, and will there be any new faces joining them? When it is launched, when and where can we see the movie? What else should viewers be aware of regarding The Meg 2: The Trench?

The Meg 2 The Trench
The Meg 2 The Trench

The story of “The Meg 2”

As previously stated, Alten’s Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, published in 1997, served as the inspiration for the first The Meg movie. The Trench, the follow-up book by Alten that served as the inspiration for the next movie, was released two years later.
We can make educated guesses about what we might see based on the story from the book, even though we don’t yet know what the sequel’s plot will centre on. A few years after the events of the previous novel, Jonas Taylor is studying a young megalodon that is kept in captivity in The Trench.
As additional research team members explore the Mariana Trench, where the megalodon was first discovered, they come across the Kronosaurus, another extinct animal. Large marine reptile living in the trench, this monster has evolved to hunt in packs.
In order to attempt to maintain his life, Jonas must now face his demons from the first book while he faces this new beast in addition to the megalodons.
Although the premise of Meg 2 is yet unknown, we at least have a general idea of what to anticipate from the movie. Although there is no tangible evidence, The Meg 2: The Trench’s title seems to imply that the movie will follow the book.
There are four The Trench-related sequel books, and there may be more in the works, so Warner Bros. Pictures would have plenty of material to work with if they decided to make this their next sci-fi action franchise.

The Meg 2 The Trench
The Meg 2 The Trench


The Meg 2 : Star Cast

In the follow-up, Jason Statham will return to the title role as Jonas Taylor. James “Mac” Mackreides, Taylor’s friend and the institute’s operations manager, will be played by Cliff Curtis in a follow-up. In addition to Shuya Sophia Cai’s Meiying, the son of Suyin, Page Kennedy will be returned as DJ.
No other actors from the first movie are scheduled to return, just those four. It’s still early, so maybe they’re just keeping quiet about their engagement. Some character returns appear more likely than others given how many of the characters died in the previous movie.
Several new actors will join the cast, including some of the recurring characters. Sienna Guillory from Resident Evil will be the new female lead. She is the chief of the applied sciences section, but little more is known about her personality. A member of Jonas Taylor’s submarine crew who enjoys adventure will be portrayed by actress and model Skyler Samuels.
The main enemy of the movie will be portrayed by Snowfall actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta, who is said to be a skilled mercenary. Wu Jing, a well-known Chinese actor, will also be a part of the cast, though it’s unclear what his specific plot element will be.

The Meg 2 The Trench
The Meg 2 The Trench

Release Date

The Meg 2 : The Trench will debut in theatres on August 4 thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures. The first movie was concurrently released in China and the United States in 2018 as a joint production between the two nations. Since the sequel will only be released in the United States at this time, it is unknown if it will employ the same strategy

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