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The Office : No longer available on Netflix. Where to watch it later ?

The Office (US), one of our favorite comedies, will no longer be on Netflix in many countries starting in 2019. The fact that we had certainly rewatched the series is something we can all agree on. However, we are as disappointed to learn that, starting in January 2023, we will be unable to view it on Netflix.

Some individuals are still unaware of the series, which has left fans totally dissatisfied. In that scenario, it is preferable to learn as soon as possible about the series. The Office is a mockumentary comedic television series that follows the daily activities of office workers at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Scranton, Pennsylvania, division.

Additionally, The Office was listed as one of the top 100 television programs of all time by Rolling Stone in 2016.

When will The Office (US) be released on Netflix ?

According to rumors, The Office (US) will only be available on Netflix till January 2023, as far as we know. If the feed will be accessible through any other streaming services is still a mystery. We can only advise you to watch it as many times as you can.

The Office TV series
The Office TV series

The Office (US) : Will it be offered in countries other than US ?

The Office (US) will reportedly no longer be accessible on Netflix in number of locations o. We are unable to say which countries will no longer be able to broadcast the programme starting in January 2023 at this time.

The Office (US) won’t be available in the following locations starting in January 2023, according to sources.

Belgium, Prague Republic, FranceIsrael, Italy, Lithuania\sNetherlands, Germany, Greece\sHungary, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, S. Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey\sUK

The Office (US) is leaving Netflix, why ?

Simply put, beginning in January 2023, Netflix’s global streaming rights will expire.

The Office (US) debuted on Netflix at the beginning of 2021 for nations like the UK, South Africa, and Sweden. This indicates that the comedy has been streamable for over 24 months.

Being one of the most watched sitcoms of all time, it is quite expensive for Netflix to renew streaming rights in various countries. The streaming firm allegedly spent $500 million a year only to retain it in the US library before it left Netflix US.

The Office TV series
The Office TV series

Where will this American TV series be available to stream next ?

Which nation you reside in has a significant impact on this. If you reside in the UK, you can already watch The Office (US) online on a number of services, including Amazon Prime, Now TV, and Peacock, which is available to Sky TV subscribers. Check out those platforms if Peacock or Amazon Prime is accessible in your nation.

Since the Office will cease its run on Netflix on January 1 and switch solely to Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform. Today, Peacock announced the show’s January 1st debut date and described how fans may watch all 201 episodes. The first two seasons are free to watch, but seasons three through nine will only be accessible with a premium membership. The monthly cost for viewers is either $4.99 with advertisements or $9.99 without.

Peacock is creating a full experience around the program, one that is likely to be significant for the service and may persuade a lot more people to subscribe. Subscribers get access to additional content including bloopers, interviews, and behind-the-scenes videos.

Will The Office (US) on Netflix be renewed ?

Given that Netflix acquired the worldwide streaming rights to The Office (US) in a number of locations, but not exclusively, there is a greater likelihood that the streaming rights will be renewed. The price that Netflix will pay NBCUniversal for the streaming rights in several nations is unknown, but we can be sure that it won’t be cheap.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the office leaving Netflix and what is the best substitute to binge it on. 

The Office TV series
The Office TV series

How long will it be available on Netflix ?

The Office lasts for 99 hours in total. There are just 61 hours left in 2020 as of today, December 29, at 11 a.m. ET. You won’t have enough time to watch the entire series again, but you will have plenty of time to watch your favorite episodes. You could even have time to watch the entire series again before Michael leaves if you play your cards well. After all, without Michael, it just doesn’t work. She stated as such.

The best substitute for The Office to be available on Netflix once it leaves ?

Welcome to the Peacock universe, the freshly introduced streaming service from NBC. The Office will continue to air on Peacock through all nine seasons and 201 episodes in 2021. That’s not all, though. Peacock will also include specially selected thematic episode collections, behind-the-scenes material, longer superfan versions of some episodes, playlists of the finest bits, and The Office Zen. The latter provides a continuous stream of ambiance that will make your home office seem like a regular American business.

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