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The Rookie: Feds release date, teaser, cast, synopsis, and more

The Rookie was a huge hit with viewers when it is back in 2018, and that is still the case as it prepares for its upcoming fifth season. The series centers on John Nolan (Nathan Fillion), a construction worker in his mid-40s who decides to make a significant shift in his life by relocating to Los Angeles and joining the LAPD. We’ve gotten to know and care for many of the series’ characters over the past four seasons, and we’re about to meet a lot more!

After receiving a backdoor pilot during the parent show’s previous season, a brand-new spinoff series called The Rookie: Feds, whose premiere is soon approaching, this time centers on the FBI. We will witness Simone’s first steps as a new FBI agent, similar to its sister series with John. Check out the helpful guide below to learn everything we know about the upcoming series before The Rookie: Feds premieres!

The Rookie: Feds Release date

The Rookie: Feds will make its television debut at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, on ABC (the same network as The Rookie). The Rookie began its inaugural season in this time slot before being to Sundays, where it has remained ever since. The following day, new episodes will be made available on Hulu if you missed an episode when it was airing or prefer to stream it. If you wish to catch up or rewatch any of The Rookie’s four seasons, you may also do it online! The number of episodes in The Rookie: Feds’ debut season is still a mystery. According to IMDb, there are six episodes overall, with the potential season finale (assuming this episode count is correct) set to run on November 1.

The Rookie Feds

ABC is probably waiting to see how many viewers and what kind of reviews the new show will receive. Depending on these numbers, the network might be persuaded to order more episodes for a longer first season or possibly a second.

The cast of The Rookie: Feds  

The Rookie introduced us to a couple of these characters, but that doesn’t imply we know everything there is to know about them. To learn more about The Rookie: Feds’ leading actors and the characters they portray, continue reading below:

The Rookie Feds

Simone Clark, a special agent, is by Niecy Nash. When Simone was much younger, she dreamed of joining the FBI, but her ambitions were put on hold when she found out she was expecting twins. She was a guidance counselor at a high school in Washington, D.C., while also coaching the school’s wrestling team and occasionally teaching Driver’s Ed. Simone chose to pursue her FBI ambition again years later after her twins had graduated from college, which is where we originally encountered her in the backdoor pilot.

Other members:

Nash has played a cast member on Reno 911 for a long time. She has recently appeared in programs like Claws, Never Have I Ever, and the miniseries Mrs. America. Simone’s father, Christopher “Cutty” Clark, is by Frankie Faison. He was recently in toruble for a crime he didn’t commit and is a jazz musician. Despite being freed from an FBI probe, he no longer respected and trusted the police, including his daughter, who aspires to be an agent. Cutty presently participates in Defund the Police demonstrations by holding rallies. Faison has made numerous TV appearances, including in The Wire, The Good Wife, and Banshee. He appeared in the Netflix movie Fatherhood in 2021 as well.

The Rookie Feds

Felix Solis portrays Supervisory Special Agent Matthew Garza. Although Matthew co-starred with Simone and Cutty in the backdoor pilot, we don’t know much about his relationship with the FBI or his past.

We’ll probably find out more about him shortly when he takes on new roles as Simone’s supervisor and mentor while also managing his own FBI division. For his part as Omar Navarro in the Netflix series Ozark, Solis is arguably most known. He has recently made appearances on shows including Colony, SEAL Team, and Charmed.

The plot of The Rookie: Feds  

So, there was a two-part backdoor pilot for the new series in Season 4 of The Rookie, which was out as the episodes “Simone” and “Enervo.” In these two episodes, a bomber attacks the city’s infrastructure in Los Angeles. The FBI launched its investigation while the LAPD began searching for the bomber. Together, the two agencies quickly discover that the bomber is Zeke Freemont, a former pupil of (you guessed it) Simone, an FBI trainee.

Simone is here to help the FBI with the case despite their reservations. Simone demonstrates her suitability for the agent position in the process of taking down Zeke with the help of the LAPD and FBI. After collaborating with John on the case, she also starts to like him. Even though The Rookie: Feds’ overarching plot is yet unknown, it is safe to presume that it will pick up shortly after this incident. We’ll get to see Simone’s first cases and know the rest of her immediate team now that she’s a rookie FBI agent.


After numerous teasers over months, The Rookie: Feds’ official trailer has finally arrived. It doesn’t reveal too much about the plot or the other important characters, but it does demonstrate how the “world” of The Rookie is growing and becoming more interwoven.

We get a couple of entertaining, quick sequences when John Nolan picks Simone up from LAX and helps the FBI with a case. In addition, the trailer introduces us to new characters we’ll soon come to know and familiar faces from the backdoor pilot, including Felix Solis as Matthew Garza. The teaser for this new series emphasizes that it will feature a similar blend of comedy, drama, and action to The Rookie.


Who is The Rookie’s new girl ?

The starring role in a hypothetical Rookie spinoff will go to Niecy Nash. According to a Tuesday announcement from ABC, the actress will make her television debut as Simone Clark in two episodes of The Rookie for a prospective standalone series.

Where can I watch The Rookie Season 5 ?

On ABC, The Rookie’s fifth season will debut. Hulu also offers a stream of the program.

The Rookie’s Officer Chen is a mother, right ?

Fortunately, as Lucy deals with her trauma in Season 4, she won’t face any more unpleasant surprises (that we know of). If her character had been expecting it, the show would have mentioned it, even though it isn’t even a topic of conversation.

Where can I see every season of The Rookie ?

Hulu has all of The Rookie’s seasons available!


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