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The Circle, Netflix series review, read this before watching

The Circle is a hybrid of reality shows such as Big Brother, Catfish, and The Real World, with certain features reminiscent of the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive.” The Circle has a unique twist in that all of the conversations take place via social media and messenger-style discussions. The participants all reside in the same building, but unlike Big Brother, the players are kept isolated and limited to their own apartments and certain places by The Circle.

The Circle is a difficult strategy and trickery game. The Circle’s main goal is to gain popularity: at the conclusion of the three weeks, the participant with the highest popularity receives a hundred thousand million. Those who are either unpopular or dishonest will be eliminated. The Circle looks to be hard, but it is actually much easier to follow than it appears. The Circle transforms the mundane world of social networking into a tense game of deception, power, and success.

The Circle, A Netflix original eye-opening show on the influence of social media

It has the power to both generate and destroy influencers. In terms of how the program works, each competitor is assigned to their own apartment and is only allowed to connect with one another via the show’s social media platform and chats. So they don’t see one other, but viewers can watch them engage with the other players in an attempt to develop friendships and advance farther in the game. What is the purpose of the game? To avoid being “blocked” during each round of elimination.

The structure allows users to exhibit whichever identity they desire since they’re quarantined individually. The Circle emphasizes this point by allowing each contender to select a profile photograph that they feel would help them achieve popularity. While some competitors of The Circle may pick an attractive photo of themselves, some will opt to catfish the others by pretending to be someone they are not. They may either use the personality and photos of someone they know, or they can create a character they believe would be popular. Two of the original eight participants had radically different personalities in Netflix’s version.

The Relationship Between The Circle And The British Reality Series

The Circle is an exact replica of the British version, which debuted in 2018. Netflix purchased the American rights to the film in October 2018, with intentions to produce versions in Brazil and France as well. The Channel 4 series generated a lot of talk and popularity during its first season, but it appears that season 2 has increased its appeal even more. The 1.2 million viewers saw the Circle Season 2 finale, which aired in October 2019. The Circle US looks to be a carbon clone of The Circle UK at the moment. They have a similar foundation and aesthetic.

Reviewing the Circle, should you binge on it?

Competing in the new Netflix show The Circle is like competing in the larger world of social media, which necessitates some level of self-interest, a concept that the participants are always fighting against, divided between keeping their friends near and weeding out their rivals. Because the app is voice-activated, the majority of the program consists of individuals sitting on their sofas or in hot tubs, slowly and loudly enunciating at their television screens in an attempt to gain friends and influence others. The line between stilted relatability and planned brand management is blurred in conversations. When participants tell Circle, no one ever laughs out loud, and players are continuously talking to themselves about how to persuade people to buy into what is going on in between talks.

People becoming outraged at others for catfishing, lying, or stirring the pot, doing exactly what they’re meant to do, is hilarious. Later players, who have no ties to the characters we’ve been following for several episodes and whose goal is to win, become de facto villains, causing havoc for the youngsters who are just trying to enjoy themselves with their new best friends which keeps the show interesting. 

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the circle on NetFlix. 

When is The Circle going to be available on Netflix?

On January 1, Netflix will release The Circle. The series will be released in four episodes on Wednesday, followed by four additional episodes every Wednesday through January 15. On January 1, January 8, and January 15, there will be four new episodes. Season 1 of The Circle now has a total of 12 episodes.

What is the aim of Netflix’s The Circle? 

The platform is entirely voice-activated, which means participants communicate with one another via the app rather than face-to-face. The game allows participants to pretend to be whatever and anybody they desire. They only get to view another contender once they’ve been eliminated from the game.

Is the circle game on Netflix scripted? 

The Circle isn’t pre-written. The publication, on the other hand, asserts that the reality show is authentic. The participants are cut off from one another and must rely solely on social media and their intuition to figure things out.

What is the plot of The Circle? 

The Circle, like any good reality show, is equal parts competition and sociological experiment. The show invites eight competitors to compete in a virtual popularity contest in which they create online accounts and communicate with one another only through the social media platform “The Circle.”

What is the best way to win The Circle show?

The participants rate one other one more time during the finale, and the person with the highest rating wins the game and $100,000. Viewers may also vote for their favorite player; the player with the most votes is named Fan Favorite and earns a handful of 10,000 US dollars. 

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