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The spooky house that inspired “The Conjuring” is on sale?

Surely, every horror movie fan wants to experience the spooky experience, just like the movie shows. Maybe people have imagined once in their life about what they were in the place of the main character of a horror movie. And on the other hand, some horror movie fans also want to visit the actual place and want to examine whether some paranormal activities are actually present there, just like the ones which are shown in the movie. Horror movie fans might also know the real places, like The occult museum, and want to visit there. Similarly, it seems that if you want to buy a spooky house now, well, you have a chance for sure, but you have to pay a hefty amount!

Yes, you read that right! Have you ever heard about the haunted Rhode Island farmhouse? Well if not, then for your information, the paranormal activities in the haunted Rhode Island farmhouse gave rise to the superhit movie “The Conjuring”, which was released in 2013. The farmhouse is now for sale, for a shocking price of USD 1.2 million! Well millions for a Haunted farmhouse, seems like the buyer who will buy the house will be a big fan of horror movies!

This big farmhouse is 14 rooms, 3,100 square-foot, that is, about 290 square meters, and is 8.5 acres (3.5 hectares). And according to the Realtor Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty, in its list, this farmhouse is one of the most well-known haunted houses in the United States. The agency said that ” Legend has it, the home is haunted by the presence of Bathsheba Sherman, who lived in the house in the 1800s, and to this day, many happenings have been reported.”

The one who lived her life in the house as a child starting from 1970, Andrea Perron, who also wrote the trilogy, named, “House of Darkness, House of Light” based on the experiences she and her family experienced in the house, also gave her opinion about the house to WJAR in a video phone interview that, “Frankly, if I had the money I’d buy it myself to protect it.” She further said, “That was always my dream to someday have the farm back, but not to live on the farm, I don’t want to live there.”

Well talking about “The Conjuring” movie, it was not filmed in this home but was based on the story of the experiences of the Perron family, who used to live in the farmhouse around the 1970s. The house was lastly sold to a family who introduced themselves as paranormal investigators. The house was sold in 2019 for USD 438,000 to the family. And as per some reports, it is also said that they used to host some events at the site and they also used to rent the rooms overnight for the people who were excited and eager for a scary and spooky experience. 

But as per some reports, it also seems that the owners who used to live in this house didn’t experience any paranormal activities as there were no complaints from the owners about any experiences. But surprisingly, they all had some problems with the fans of the movie, as they showed up at any hour and some fans have even trespassed on the property to have a look at the house.

Although the surrounding is full of greenery and has a beautiful visual, the house from inside too has a rustic charm, but after hearing about all the news and Stories related to the place, well the house is extraordinarily special for some spooky reasons and the one who will buy the house surely be the one who likes to take risks!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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