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The Squid game creator ” Hwang Dong-Hyuk” responded to Le Bron’s Criticism.

Earlier this month, Le Baron, the four-time NBA champion and 17 times all-star champion, expressed his disapproval of the popular Netflix hit Squid Game ending. 

Now, in an interview published by The Guardian on Tuesday, Squid Game creator responds to his criticism by saying, ” Have you ever seen The Space Jam 2?” Further, he added, ” Le Baron is cool and is allowed to say what he wants, and I respect that. I’m thankful to him for watching the whole series, but it would not change my ending. That’s my ending.” 

He added, ” IF he has some other ending that would satisfy him, then he can make his own Sequel. I will check it out and maybe send a message saying I liked your series except for your ending.” 

source = shouzy

Well! The banter between the two didn’t end here as later, on Tuesday, Le Baron Quoted the Sports Illustrated’s tweet with a comment saying, ” This can’t be real, right??? I hope it’s not alongside laughing emojis. 

Hyuk’s remark came after Le Baron spoke about the Squid game ending with Lakers teammate Anthony Davis during a post-game conference. 

James starred in the Sequel of the original Space jam movie; the film received bad reviews earning a 26% rating on rotten tomatoes. 

The Giant success of the Squid game has Raised many Questions about the Sequel; on talking about the Sequel, Hwang said, ” Of course there are talks, and it’s inevitable that after the success of the first part. I’m considering it. There’s a high-level picture on my mind, but I’ll not be working on it right away.”

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