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Warner Bros officially announced the Dune: Part two.

On Tuesday, Movie studio Warner Bros announced the sequel to the popular sci-fi Dune’s sequel in a series of tweets. 

Dune Part one, the most anticipated and popular even before its release, the epic sci-fi movie of 2021 was released in theatres last week in North America earned a whopping $40 million on its opening weekend. 

The Dune, which was estimated to cost $165 to produce, did well and earned $225 after its release globally. 

source = dazeddigital

Warner studies have confirmed Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part two, saying they are excited to continue the journey, and they anticipated its premiere on October 20, 2023. It’s not wrong if we say, part two will probably cover Frank Herbert’s classic novel. 

The movie announcement isn’t a shocker since Villeneuve wanted to finish telling the story, but it did well as expected. Though it’s not as high as movies like Shang-chi for $71.4 million, it’s far better opening post-pandemic, and it’s the best for Warner Bros studio. The Dune was released by Warner bros simultaneously in theatres and on HBO max. 

However, Denis was adamant that a movie that received praise for its stunning visuals should be on big screens rather than watching at home. 

The Dune was the last attempt to turn the classic 1955, 400-page sci-fi novel, Frank Herbert, into a hit on the big screen. 

The Dune featured a star-studded cast including Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet, and Jason Momoa. 

I envisaged a second part, but Warner Bros studio was not committed to it until Tuesday, says Villeneuve. 

Casting for the second part has not been announced yet; the official account ” Legendary” thanked fans for praises received for the first part and simultaneously announced the second. 

However, fans have to wait for two years to get hold of the epic sci-fi.

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