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The Universally Recognised Rolling Stone Drummer died at 80

Charlie Watts, the veteran drummer who had an accomplished and powerful presence in Rolling Stone for more than a decade, died in London on Tuesday after pulling out of the band’s upcoming tour for health concerns.

A statement made by Band and Watts stated, ” With immense sadness, we announce the demise of our beloved Charlie Watts. He Passed away tranquility in a London hospital earlier on Tuesday surrounded by his loving family”.

With immense sadness, we announce the demise of beloved Charlie Watts. He breathed last in a London hospital on Tuesday surrounded by family”.

” He was a lovable Husband, father, a beloved member of Rolling Stone, and  one of the best drummers of generation .”

They requested everyone to preserve the privacy of the family in such challenging times.

On August 4, the band stated Charlie is pulling out of the tour due to health reasons. However, Band Members were expecting his comeback soon. 

Jagger, a member of the band, tweeted,” we are looking forward to having Charlie back as soon as he fully recovers.”

Charlie Watt himself issued a statement, stating, “For once my timing has been a little off. I am working on getting fully fit, but today I accepted the expert’s advice that it would take some time”.

The “No Filter” tour is set to resume in September after being delayed due to a pandemic.

Charlie played the Drums in all 30 albums and on all tours of Rolling stone. The last time US fans saw Charlie on television was on April 18, 2020, in an all-star live stream for the world’s struggle against the covid pandemic. 

After hearing the news of his demise, renowned people reacted:  

Eton john, in a tweet, says, “A very sad day Charlie watt was the ultimate drummer. Such a brilliant company and the most stylish men. My deepest Condolence to Shirley, Seraphina, and Charlotte. And of course, The Rolling Stones”.

Perry Farrell tweeted, saying, “Drummers are the most enmesh individuals. Though they are the loudest, they are the least to be heard. They have insecurities about the fact that everyone has their back turned on them. Herein lies the band’s secret: there is no greatness without the great drummer”.

Duran Duran – A popular band From Birmingham posted a series of tweets stating: “So Saddened to Hear passing of Charlie Watts, an absolute inspiration to a legion of Drummers since the 1960s. A man of grace, dignity, and composure”.

They further stated,

“ there was never a need to over-perform. It was all about the groove, serving the band, and of course, the song we learned from him; When we heard Charlie play and despite being the greatest band of all time, his humility and humbleness are shining light for us. Thank You, From Roger “.

Ringo Starr, the former Beatles drummer, says he was shocked by the news of his demise; he stated Charlie as a “beautiful human being.”

All around the world, Charlie watt was recognized as the core of Rolling Stone. His last concert with bandmates took place in Miami on August 30, 2019. He was conscripted into the hall of fame of Rolling stone. 

Charlie Watts was born in London on June 2 in 1941. Raised in Wembley, his father was a truck driver for the English rail System. He was drawn towards Jazz Bop, Saxophonist Charlie Parker, and the music of Pianist Jelly Roll Morton. He was an uninterested music student though he started playing at the age of 14 or 15. He was Schooled at Harrow Art School as a Graphic designer and worked under a London ad film. He wrote a tribute to Charlie Parker while

working. He told Stanley Booth in “The true Adventures of the Rolling Stone “that his parents were wise enough to buy him a Drum kit. He brought Banjo himself and used to play like a drum with newspaper as drum sticks; later, his parents brought him a drum kit. Charlie Watts was not one of those flashy drummers. He was quiet and reserved, sticking to shadows, and let the band members take the light on and off stage.

Many fans and stars continue to console family and friends. He would continue to live with his music in the hearts of fans.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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