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The video of a giant leaf insect goes viral on social media. Know about the species!

An insect that looks exactly like a leaf! It takes social media on storm

We often see many unique species videos on social media platforms and such a video is currently on the internet on the storm and has got millions of views. Chudis bag and insect which exactly looks like an orchid flower was attracting so many social media users as its video went viral. Currently, such a video of an insect that looks exactly just like a giant leaf is catching a lot of attention from many social media handlers. 

A short video clip featuring a giant leaf-like insect which is also known as Phyllium Giganteum is getting more than a million likes now. The insect has a unique resemblance to a leaf and it is very difficult to actually spot any difference between a leaf and this species. The video was shared on an Instagram account – Science by Guff. It is more than a million like now and the clip was actually originally shared on Instagram by the account named Eso. world.  The caption in the video is “The biggest leaf insect in the world. Phyllium Giganteum is a very wide and large leaf insect with a body shaped like a leaf. 

Also, the legs have appendages making them look like leaves. The skin is green in color with brown spots around the edges. Two brown dots decorate the top of the abdomen. The shade of green and the number of brown edges and the spots differ between individuals.  Females will become around 10 cm in length.”  Another fun fact about the species is that it only consists of females and they are very docile species. Well this species doesn’t move at all during the daytime and it moves and it’s during the night only. Whenever you pick a female Phyllium Giganteum, it will mostly stay still to look like a leaf.

 In captivity, the species has no males too. However, two non-living museum specimens of this species have been found but they were never seen alive. Also, they were never tested for reproductive capability, and thus it is to date unclear and unknown.  The female species will just lay unfertilized eggs which will give rise to new females. Wishes of the population of this particular species have been maintained for years now.  Many social media users who watched the video of this amazing species were amazed at its beauty and also its exact appearance just like a large leaf. The species also moves like the wind is blowing on it just to give an appearance of a leaf and many letters were left stunned after knowing about it. The comment section of the video was filled with many amazing comments which appreciated the beauty of this species and also its uniqueness.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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