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This Ahmedabad food stall serves brownies with paan and this has left netizens divided

As we watch many viral food videos, one thing that can be said for sure is that when it comes to experimenting with food or weird combinations, there is no end of content on the internet world. We all have been aware of the weird experiments in the fashion industry, from which most of them are a big no, but now, experimenting with food has triggered some food lovers on the internet. And some people are more interested in giving a desi touch to the dishes out of nowhere. Now, some “creative” people around have even decided to give a desi twist to the beloved yummy dessert hot brownie. Guess what it can be? Well, let us tell you that they decided to add some paan to the tasty dish!

Yes, you read it right. You may know the feeling of sizzling brownies that are often drizzled with chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream and choco chips. Surely, nothing can beat the classic brownies. But an eatery in Gujarat has decided to pair it with the desi mouth-freshener.

This is shown in a video going viral, in which a cook is seen pouring chocolate sauce on a shiny platter and placing a cube of brownie on it. Then he further adds a scoop of mint green ice cream. The video till this step looks quite simple and not wrong. But then here’s the twist, the cook tops it with a mitha paan filled with assorted sweets.

This video was shared by a Twitter user named @Dhuandhaar, and according to the Twitter user, this video is from a food joint in Ahmedabad. But then, this tweet was found by the Creators of the special dessert themselves. The creators of the desert soon identified themselves by commenting on the post and also asked those interested to try out the dish at Carnival Food Park in the city.

Well, the post mostly left netizens unsure of the combination. There were even some netizens who accused the makers of ruining the rich and natural taste of both brownies and paan for them. However, there did seem to be a few takers for the unique treat, while on the other hand, one person pointed out that they have seen worse combos like Oreo pakodas.

A user commented, “This could be an effective way to get me to diet.” While the other one wrote, “Ain’t there an IPC section where you can arrest those who massacre food like this?” 

Yet another one wrote, “What zero alcohol does to people,” as alcohol is banned in Gujarat. And another commented, “What next? paani puri with coca cola?”

While many said that Ahmedabad is known to make such combos, and said that people there should stop this, some even blamed the creators for spoiling the name of Ahmedabad by making such food creations and altering the real taste of food.

Well, you may know that this is not the first time one may have come across these types of food experiments. People have been so indulged in making weird combinations of the food that every day or the other we come across these types of videos on the internet which usually disappoint us. If we talk about Maggi milkshake or Oreo pakodas or ice Cream chaat, although these food combos are made of our favorite ingredients, it’s always a big no from the netizens and other people. The people who love to discover new things may love these combos, but most people get dissatisfied with them. The experimentation is increasing at a great rate every day, and it’s not known yet when this will come to an end.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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