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This desi Bride and her Mom take the internet by storm? Watch their performance now!

Desi weddings are like grand celebrations. They are no less than festivals where one can not only find many varieties of food dishes but also there are so many rituals that both the families of the bride and the groom must follow. Some amazing ceremonies to emotional dramas, everything is included in an Indian wedding ceremony. Desi weddings are popularly known for so many beautiful rituals that everyone follows and it also resembles many Bollywood movies too. Over the years, we have seen so many Indian wedding videos on several social media platforms that always tend to be in our hearts. 

The emotional and playful chord always plays in this video and also over the years we have seen how brides have been recording there are movements in which they enjoy each and every part of the wedding ceremonies. Also, brides always wanted a wedding to stand out from all the other weddings and it is understandable to have such thinking too. To make the wedding day remarkable for themselves, brides perform on their big day along with their partners, siblings, friends, or their parents making their big day more memorable for sure.

Well, recently a video of a bride performing with her mom has won millions of hearts on the Internet and netizens totally love the bond that the bride and her mother share in the viral video. In the latest viral video, a mom and daughter duo won the hearts of the marriage attendees and also of so many social media users who watched their video on several social media platforms. The desi bride and her mom danced to the amazing song of ‘Maaeri’. you can see in the video that the attendees in the wedding get emotional by seeing a beautiful Bond that the bride and her mom share. The viral video was initially uploaded on Instagram by YSDC Wedding Choreography. 

The beautiful bride seen in the video is called Mallika Agrawal. Well, in the video, the bride and her mother are dancing on the stage, showing off their beautiful dance steps, to the amazing tune of Maaeri. The bride in the video is seen looking absolutely stunning in her vivid yellow lehenga with her beautiful bridal jewelry. Her mom dances beside her in a somber beige lehenga looking dazzling too. Netizens fell in love with the viral video and especially the emotion of both the bride and her mother seen in the video. 

Their video instantly hit the headlines and also has got more than a hundred of views and as well as the likes until now which the adorable do you of the desi bride and her mother totally deserve. All the Instagram users who came across the video of the door were open to shove their Love by leaving all the positive comments in the comment section of the video. All the social media users also showered the duo with love and positive feedback on the video. One social media user commented, “This warms my heart.” Another Instagram user was also seen committing to the video by saying, “Nice performance, we wanna see the full video!” Wedding videos can be fun and emotional and this video was a Golden example of it. totally and adorable video of a bride and a beautiful mother sharing a lovely Bond and enjoying the ceremony of the bride’s wedding.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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