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This Ghost photo challenge is ruling the internet now. Know all about it!

The viral Tik Tok as well as other social media platform challenges are what keeps many people entertained in this pandemic period especially when we all are stuck in our homes. Many online content creators and TikTok stars have come across different challenges that go instantly viral and a new trend always tends to begin. You might have previously come across many pictures of ‘ghosts’ and challenges related to them. The different pictures of ghosts found in different places including indoors or outdoors like parks and beaches have been trending for a while now. However, no need to panic as it is all just a part of a challenge that many people have been following for a few days now. This trend and all the pictures related to it have all started back in 2020. The challenge was born last year and just like a loop it has come into the trend. The challenge once again is going crazy viral on TikTok. The old challenge came back to existence now and people cannot just get enough of it. The famous pictures have once again resurfaced on the Internet and netizens and different social media users from around the globe have decided to take this challenge to a whole new level by taking pictures related to it. Many social media uses have now been rushing to participate in the challenge now.

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Well, this challenge is known as the ghost photo challenge. This Ghost photo challenge started being super trendy on several social media platforms last year during the time of Halloween. As per the challenge, it required all the participants to cover themselves with a sheet. It’s not any sheet but only a particularly plain white sheet is to be used. Participants will also have to wear sunglasses on top of them. After wearing this particular attire, they will have to do a photoshoot in it. The photoshoot is supposed to be done in the quirkiest places and in the silliest ways possible by the participants. It can be hilarious and silly too at the same time. As we know, netizens are always ready to hop on such amazing challenges and the day did not leave a chance to take this challenge to a whole new level by trending it once again. 

The challenge is now once again see on Instagram under the hashtags like #ghostphotoshoot and #ghostphotochallenge and people are already participating in it with much fun and are showing their creativity. As Halloween is soon around the corner, the timing is just so perfect to perform this challenge. Many pictures have surfaced online where people are seen doing all kinds of goofy poses and even their dogs have been a part of the challenge by being all adorable in their spooky attire with a white sheet over them. You can find many such hilarious and the best posts across different social media platforms.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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