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This is how people had fun overnight at the IKEA store!

We have seen a lot of news especially during conditions like heavy storms where people get stuck at many places and have to be left stranded until the conditions get clear. However, have you ever heard of people getting trapped in IKEA stores because of a heavy snowstorm, and if not then this news will blow your mind! Well, many people were left stranded at the IKEA store in Aalborg, Denmark.

The reason behind this was following a heavy snowstorm that happened in the area and thus many people were forced to spend the night there as they couldn’t read the store in such conditions. Around 12 inches of snow fell on December 1 night. Talking about the home furnishing store, it was about to be closed and that’s when the weather turned bad. Thus about 25 IKEA staff and six customers were forced to stay in the store and spend their night there. The fun part which is now going crazy whether on the internet is that all the people who were stuck in the store were able to recline on the comfy sofas and beds. The store is surely filled with amazing furniture and people did not panic amid the snowstorm, rather they stayed calm and had a fun time inside the store. “We were able to make it nice and cozy,” said the store manager. 

Well, people also stated that they were able to pick and choose the bed they wanted to sleep in. Yes, you read that right. They slept on the comfy cozy beds from the showroom display. This also gave the people a chance to try out the missing furniture and the IKEA store manager Peter Elmose said, “It was a once in a lifetime experience. I have been working in IKEA, and I’ve never experienced this before.” well also stated that before falling asleep everyone stuck in the IKEA store had a lot of fun as they watched some TV, played games and ate Swedish cinnamon balls in the staff cafeteria, said Elmose. The people in the store also enjoyed watching Christmas movies and a Liverpool-Everton soccer match using a big projector which was present there. “We had some hot cinnamon buns, hot chocolate, and coffee. 

There was even some beer,” stated Elmose as quoted by Insider. People who were stuck in the store stated that they were also delighted to wake up to coffee and more cinnamon buns in the morning. At the same time, they also got a pillow freebie given to them by the store as a souvenir for those who had to spend the snowstorm in the store the whole night. Elmose also stated that the bed sheets and other things used by the group were changed after they left the store and the store was made ready for all of its customers by 10 am, the next morning.

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