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This is what happens in the thrill of The Vanished!

The Vanished is truly one of the most amazing psychological thriller movies. If you are a fan of thriller movies and surely do give it a look. The 2020 American form is surely a good movie. The direction is by Peter Facinelli. You can see  Thomas Jane and Anne Heche as the main stars. Also Jason Patric and Facinelli are a part of the film.  The story revolves around a couple who is desperately trying to find their daughter. Their daughter disappears on a camping trip suddenly, which leads to a string of events. 

The Vanished: What is the movie about? 

The movie revolves around the story of Paul and Wendy Michaelson. The couple decides to take their RV and go for a trip. They travel to a remote lakeside campsite along with their daughter. Their daughter Taylor and pet pug Lucky are all happy in the beginning of the film. When we go to buy some supplies, that is when Pol interacts with a very attractive woman, Miranda. when she is in the neighboring campsite and that’s when they both have a conversation.  When Wendy returns back to the campsite she finds that Taylor is missing. The couple quickly tries to contact the manager Tom in order to know something. However the lock is not on their side and that’s when they contact chef Baker to get some help. 

Also deputy Rakes enters the scene and they start with the search party. 24 hours laters the couple, Paul and Wendy couldn’t find a daughter. That is money decides to file a missing persons report and the story becomes all twisted. The couple comes to know about an escaped convict in the area. Many also suspect the convict behind their daughter’s missing case. Paul and Wendy then later come to the conclusion to carry out their own search in order to get the daughter back. That is when they find the man sleeping at a campfire with a gun in possession. The desperate couples come to a conclusion that the convict is none other than the man in front of them. When he suddenly grabs the gun that he had and shoots him. The next day the couple comes to know from the sheriff that he was not the convict. The country was actually caught on a bus while leaving the town. The camper was there found shot to death and that is when she realizes that she shot someone innocent.  

Now more local authorities participate in the case and the couple suspect Miranda behind their daughter’s missing case. Miranda and her husband Eric were present there too. The couple was not present in their RV, so Wendy and Paul searched for any clue. Nevertheless they did not find anything that was indicating the presence of their daughter. Taylor was still missing. The next day the couple decides to search near the lake side. After six hours they were with just no clues. Paul and Wendy doubt and accuse Eric and Miranda now. Both the couples get into the fight and that is when Wendy pulls out the gun and shoots Miranda. Also on the other hand Eric is dead too.  The couple, Paul and Wendy, are in complete shock after they killed the other couple.  

The next scene is near the shore where you can see both the couple are arguing. That is when Baker finds out about Eric’s body. After searching Eric and Miranda’s RV he finds beads. Wendy says it belongs to her daughter. Later, Wendy suspects Tom. After searching his please thoroughly she comes across the hidden passageway. That leads to a toilet and a closet. It shows a lot of child pornography videos someone knocked out Wendy. Tom diverts Paul from looking for her. When he tries to hold Wendy down she kills him with a hammer. Baker later states that Tom might be part of a child pornography networ. When Everything comes to a connection that is when Tom’s groundskeeper Justin appears. He seems to have his own issues and tries to contact the police officials urgently in order to convey a message. has been having his own issues. 

That is when Baker receives a letter for John from his wife. But then he spots a strange thing in a photo of the Michaelsons. They are posing in front of the World Trade Center in the photo. The photo dates back before the September 11 attacks. Also that was sitting in the photo is that Wendy is pregnant in it.  The picture was implying that Taylor should not be a 10 year old little girl. It is because the photo was from so long back. He then id getting in touch with other police officials. They are from different departments and he contacts Paul’s brother. 

That is when we watchers come to know that their daughter passed away six years ago.  The Michaelsons couldn’t handle it.  Since the death of their daughter they are living in a fantasy world. It is where they believe that their daughter is still living with them. They couldn’t get over the grief. Rakes comes to know that the hair in Eric’s hand was of Paul. Slowly the flashbacks of how the couple murdered everyone comes out. Paul also took some beads in the RV. 

Well, Justin comes to know about the blanket that had the daughter’s real birth date on it. The officials go to the campsite in order to look for Wendy and Paul. Nevertheless they did not find anyone. However instead of the couple’s RV there was someone else. The couple at the moment was looking for their child and doubts if she was with the Michaelsons. However, the child reappears soon. The Michaelsons left the place before the police caught them.  They just relive their memories with Taylor. The end of the film shows them watching the memories of their daughter on their RV’s video screen.

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The Vanished : Cast

Here is a list of the amazing cast members who did a great job making the firm a huge hit 

  • Thomas Jane plays the role of Paul Michaelson
  • Anne Heche is acting as Wendy Michaelson
  • Jason Patric as Sheriff Baker
  • Peter Facinelli plays as Deputy Rakes
  • Aleksei Archer acts as Miranda.
  • Kristopher Wente is acting as Eric
  • Sadie and K.K. Heim as Taylor.
  • Johnn D. Hickman plays the role of Tom
  • Alex Haydon acts as Justin.

To sum it all up, you will get to know in detail about the movie by reading the article. Also if you are looking to know about the cast members read it. Get the plot with a good amount of details and it is what you will be getting from the article. Well if there is new updates regarding the form then we will surely add it here 

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