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This is why this video of a dog, stealing food from the kitchen is going viral

We often get to see many animal-related videos on several social media platforms and Twitter is one such famous platform where all the animal lovers keep sharing all the special moments with their pets. These videos are sometimes so hilarious that it goes crazy viral within a few seconds after getting posted and gets thousands of likes and views. Not to forget that there are many dog persons out there who love watching dogs and the hilarious moments like this are going very viral on Twitter. Having a dog as a company is truly a blessing and this video can give you a glimpse of how happy your dogs can make you within a few seconds.

 In this video, a dog can be seen sneakily entering the kitchen and trying to steal some food from a pan. The video just lasted for 15 seconds and this small clip where the pet can be seen on its hind legs, pushing the chair like a kid and trying to climb on the counter to get to the food pan is totally hilarious. At the beginning of the video, we can see a beautiful dog pushing and getting close to the kitchen counter. It then reaches the counter near the food pan and starts stealing the food from the pan. The pooch happily climbed on the chair first and then started eating the food kept on the counter and the owner was recording the whole incident. At the end of the video, the owner appeared in front of the dog, and overall the video proved to be really funny and heartwarming at the same time. 

The captain of the video is “When you leave your dog alone for a minute…” Well, it is true that our pet animals always tend to make our day and in one way or another, they will find a way to make you laugh. Talking about this video it was initially first shared on the famous platform of Twitter and the account that shared the video was Buitengebieden. Netizens ever since they saw this video went crazy for it. The video has thousands of likes now. 

Also, the comment section is all filled with many cute comments where social media users kept praising the dog and its cleverness. The video currently has more than 3 million views and 1.9 k comments. It has more than 167 k likes and people keep sharing every single second. Some of the comments also expressed how this cute dog made their day by making them laugh a lot. Surely a big thank you to the owner for sharing such a beautiful video and adding a new trending video to the list of amazing videos found on Twitter.



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