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This little girl walking the ramp nailed it like a boss! The video goes viral on social media

Another exciting video that is currently going viral on several social media platforms features a little girl walking on her arm just like a boss lady. The video was first shared by photographer Kristen Weaver and it instantly went viral leaving all the netizens shocked and surprised by the toddler’s amazing walk. 

Well, we often get to see many superhit models slaying the walk that matters a lot in their field, but this toddler just nailed it. The video was first initially shared on the platform of Tik Tok by the photographer and later the clip got shared on several other social media platforms too. Kristen Weaver later also shared about the clip of the toddler walking on a ramp on her Instagram account which again received hundreds of likes. Talking about the girl who is all seen rocking the ramp walk in the clip is Abrianna. 

She is walking on the ramp wearing a cute pink strappy dress and totally rocks the walk by having her hands on the waist and imitating the supermodels. Abrianna is walking the ramp with so much sass in the video and the confidence that she has got the hearts of millions of viewers who watched the video on several social media platforms. Kristen, sharing the video on her account also wrote that “so fun fact: this is my video on tiktok that blew up and went viral. Lots of people are sharing it so if you see it without credit to me just tag me pls 🙂  I’m like the last one to share to IG reels so of course I’m the last one to catch views lol (sic).”

She also added ” For storytime: it’s currently around 18 million views on TikTok and I never expected it to blow up but every Abrianna is an Angel and I’m glad she’s making everyone so happy! She is the World’s perfect toddler 2021 (sic).” Well as the post that Kristen shared on her tik tok went very much viral she decided to share it also on her official Instagram page which again has thousands of views. The video Charlie has the power to bring a smile to your face and so many social media users have already got addicted to the video.

 Currently, it is one of the most trending and a million-dollar videos where the comment section says how much people are happy with the little girl and the conference that she is showing on the ramp. Comments like the ones that were praising Abrianna for her cuteness and sassiness can be easily found among the hundreds of comments that the video currently has. The cuteness of the little girl is all overloaded in the video clip and a huge thanks to photographer Kristen Weaver for sharing such an adorable video clip.



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