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This musician’s fun Tik Tok duet with his cat is making everyone smile on the internet!

Can we ever get enough cute pet videos in this lifetime? The answer is no and we social media users have been always coming across so many amazing pet videos showing their loving Bond with their owners. There’s nothing like a cute pet video to brighten up your day. 

Currently, a video of a cute cat is going crazy viral on the Internet and social media users cannot just get enough of it. Also, a cat showing this adorable side along with some music is something that you will not find every day on the internet. Stating that, This cat has managed to millions of hearts on the internet and also thanks to its musician owner who is seen in the video. The video is quite wholesome, reminding many social media users who have watched the video about the vibing cat which was trending very hugely. Not forgetting to mention the vibing cat video also led to a storm of memes of the social media platforms which are up to date and are found trending. 

Now, musicians around the world have been playing their instruments in front of their pet animals. A video of a musician in tune with a cat slurping milk from a spoon is something that is hitting the headlines! As whacky as that may sound, the video is something surely very fun to watch. The video has been breaking the internet as the fluffy cat is seen busily licking a spoon. Well, thanks to the person who got the idea to create a TikTok duet video to add some beats and melody making it more fun.

Soon, others were also seen joining in the trend. Now a line of musicians playing an array of musical instruments from violin to trumpets is seen with their pets. Also, some have gone ahead to add some elegant vocals which have taken their video to a whole new level. Talking about the trending video, it is called the musical edit with the ‘nomnom cat’ now. Not only has it become a big hit on TikTok, but has now left people on other platforms super impressed too.  

The post was shared on Twitter and recently got over 8.5 million views. Originally the video was made by Sherzod Ergashev, a popular musician from Uzbekistan. It was created about three months ago just to have some fun with TikTok’s duet feature. Well,  The epic video managed to strike a chord with people around the globe recently. Also, Ergashev recently shared a 2-minute-long video on Instagram to celebrate the power of music. The cat jam is something that will win your heart for sure.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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