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This shop in Gujarat is selling kulhad pizza! Details here

Well almost everybody loves pizza and enjoys having it at any time. There are so many varieties of pizza available for everyone but have you ever heard about kulhad pizza? Yes, such a variety of Pizza exists and that too, in India. A shop which is located in Gujarat Surat is making headlines and is trending everywhere as they have invented a new dish which is named kulhad pizza and talking about what it is, well, it is a pizza filled with loads of melted cheese which gets overflowed and, the main part of this dish is, it is served inside a clay cup. Pizza inside a clay cup sounds out of imagination right?

This dish surfaced online and everyone came to know about it when a video was posted in March Aamchi Mumbai, a YouTube page and now the video has gone crazy viral with around 20 lakh+ views. In the video, it can be seen that a man is making this kulhad pizza. To make the special pizza the man for the first step prepares the mixture by adding boiled corn, chopped tomatoes, paneer cubes, and many sauces such as mayonnaise and tomato ketchup in a bowl. Next step, he seasons the mixture with chilli flakes, salt, chaat masala, and oregano. Then he filled the kulhad that is the clay pot with the mixture and then he talked about the mixture with a sauce and liquid cheese. In addition to this, we also added lots of mozzarella cheese, some more mixtures he made liquid cheese, and some more of it. So basically it is fully cheese overload. Then he puts the kulhad into the white microwave and cooks the pizza. 

rcesource = indiatoday

According to the YouTube video the kulhad pizza was served to the YouTuber along with the toppings of coriander leaves over the melted cheese. 

As this video went viral on social media people can’t stop reacting to this and commenting on the video. One user commented, “That guy be like: I won’t tell you anything about our secret ingredients like tomato sauce and mayonnaise. It is our trade secret”, as the man in the video didn’t give a clear explanation about the sauces he added. Another user wrote, “me after buying this: where is my pizza base mann!?”. Yet another user commented, “it is not kulhad pizza… It is Kulhad cheese vegetables.” And one wrote, “dhaniya be like: I’m going to ruin the whole taste”. Well, it can be said that the people have a mixed reaction on this and the comment section is also filled with a lot of hilarious comments. As the man in the video was not describing all the sources he added to his dish fully, one comment wrote about the sauces he may have included in this, and commented, “secret sauces are one is tomato ketchup, one is mayonnaise, one is cheese and the last one is pizza sauce.”

Well if you are wondering about the price of this special kulhad Pizza then this Kulhad Pizza cost is Rs. 80.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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