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This video of a monkey wearing a mask wrong just like humans goes viral!

We, because of the coronavirus, have been living a completely new life for so long. Also, hand Sanitizers and masks have become a part of a normal life now and many of us till date have been avoiding going out in public places just to avoid the deadly virus. The effects of this pandemic are so huge that now animals have also started to understand what exactly coronavirus is and how they are supposed to defend themselves from getting attacked by the virus. A video of a monkey just proves it as it is seen wearing a mask in a viral video. 

Famous basketball player Rex Chapman shared this funny viral video which is taking the internet by storm today. Well, he took it to a microblogging site where this video was initially sad and all the social media users who saw the video were left amazed because of the small monkey. The video is just a 27-second short clip but it will surely make your day.

In this video, we can see that a monkey is trying to wear a mask that was discarded on the road. Even though the monkey tried a lot it wasn’t able to wear it properly. So the monkey tried to walk off but the mask was all that it could think of and it kept returning to it. At one point, the monkey stopped and tried to wear the mask again. However, it was not successful in completing the task of wearing the mask. 

The video ends with a monkey the monkey left completely confused which is surely very much hilarious. The video has got millions of views now and it is getting showered on so many social media platforms that people are going crazy because of the funny small monkey. Animals sometimes tend to make a day because of all their cute videos getting shared widely All around The world. Also thanks to the development of technology, we can see such proof of evaluation in animals. 

Also the comment section of this video is filled with many funny comments where users have commented regarding the smartness of the monkey to keep itself safe from the attack of coronavirus. Many social media users commented on how amazed they were due to the smartness of the small animal and also some users commented that this monkey is way smarter than many people who still avoid wearing a mask in such a difficult situation where anyone could get easily affected by the deadly virus. A user also commented, “He’s much more evolved than a large portion of our population.” Another user said, “If a monkey can do it, how come some people can’t?”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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