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This video of girls fighting over the boyfriend in a mall goes viral

A video of three girls fighting about a boyfriend issue is recently going viral on social media and this incident has happened in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur. Initially, this incident took place at a shopping mall which is located in the Motijheel area of the city. Talking about the footage, the footage actually shows young women beating each other. The reason for the fight, according to news 18, is a boy. 

Well talking about the clip the two women can be seen beating and fighting with each other and as soon as the third woman comes to rescue she also starts throwing blows gradually. And to a certain point of the video, a guy can also be seen defending.  Well, you must be thinking that this will stop here, it does not happen as then after a few minutes the fourth girl also joins the fight and they hit each other and pull each other’s hair. 

Well, the video surely leads to prolonging the beatings and fights, and gradually chaos is created in the mall. A person who tries to explain also tries to intervene to calm the matter. The girls also pulled apart so that they can stop fighting. Then they are also asked to leave the mall. As the girls were fighting and beating each other a crowd of people also gathered when they created Chaos inside the mall’s premises. People started clicking pictures and short videos of the incident and thus these videos have been going viral on all social media platforms. 

The police have not been informed of the incident. As per the reports of Aaj Tak, the police said that no complaint has been registered against or regarding the incident. As the video has surfaced on all the social media platforms, till now the video has also gained more than 11,000 views. The video has also gained many comments and most of them are also too hilarious. People can’t stop commenting on their reactions to this video. One user commented, “legends are singles who enjoyed seeing the ladies fight.” While another user wrote, “in ladkiyon ke pass koi kam nahin hai kya.” Yet another user posted, “sab ladki gully boy ki Alia Bhatt ban gayi hai.”

Well as this video has surfaced online, it has been getting viral since then and people are thinking that it’s weird to fight like this just for a boy. The comments are filled with the reactions of the people and most of them are feeling weird watching this video of 4 girls beating each other in front of everyone in the mall. And the people also surrounded them and were watching this nuisance they created inside the mall. Many of them were also busy taking photos and videos. And thus people have also started sharing this.

source = youtube

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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