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Tierra Incógnita Cast and Crew & Much More

The new Latin American Disney+ Original series “Tierra Incógnita,” which will make its global debut on Thursday, September 8, 2022, on Disney+ Day, has received a new teaser from Disney.

The new series, which was produced by Non-Stop and features a strong young cast, centers on Eric Dalaras (Pedro Maurizi), a boy who unearths a terrifying world while looking for answers about the mystifying disappearance of his parents eight years ago. Eric, who together with his sister Uma (Mora Fisz) was raised by their maternal grandparents, decides to leave his home and return to Cabo Qwert, where he was raised, in order to search for answers in the abandoned Tierra Incógnita park, which is where his parents’ last known whereabouts were. In order to find answers in a universe that is both enigmatic and gloomy, Eric must confront his fears and collaborate with his friends, sister, and aunt.

Tierra Incógnita, a new series on Disney+, promises to be quite exciting with its combination of suspense, fear, and adventures. Young actors star in the production, which is wholly produced in Latin America by Disney+ Original Productions, and it tells the captivating tale of Eric Dalaras (Pedro Maurizi).

Eight 30-minute episodes make up this new Sebastián Pivotto-produced television series.

Cast of Tierra Incógnita

Tomás Kirzner plays Axel, Carla Pandolfi plays Carmen, Verónica Intile plays Julia, Ezequiel Rodrguez plays Roberto, Osmar Néez plays Santiago, Silvia Kutika plays Aurora, Thomas Lepera plays Pablo, Azucena Zhou plays Lilia, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk plays Daniel, Valentina González plays Sabrina, Fernando Malfitano plays Ja ( Disney Bia, Disney Channel – Federico).

Storyline of Tierra Incógnita

Terra Incognita features a young cast and is primarily set in a left-sided amusement park. The protagonist of Een’s novel is a youngster who seeks to explain the puzzling disappearance of his parents.

Eric Dalaras’ parents inexplicably vanished without a trace eight years ago. The teen joins a dangerous environment because he is desperate to find out what happened to his parents. Eric and his sister Uma are raised by their maternal grandparents when their parents vanish. Eric makes the decision to depart and look for answers in the village of Cabo Qwert, where he grew up. Because there is also the now-defunct Tierra Incógnita amusement park, where his parents were most recently classified. Eric must face his anxieties to solve the puzzle that leads to the solution to the issue that most worries him, with the assistance of his friends, sister, and aunt. However, the truth is shrouded in a universe that is as unknown as it is black.

View the latest Tierra Incognita trailer.

In the clip, you can almost feel the spine-chilling atmosphere of Tierra Incógnita. Eric and his companions are in for a dangerous park full of eerie sights and untrustworthy people.

The release date for Tierra Incognita on Disney+

On September 8, Disney’s brand-new original series will premiere only on Disney+. The launch coincides with Disney+ Day, a global celebration that features exclusive experiences for fans and members as well as the release of fresh content from its leading brands.

Mysteries to solve: Tierra Incógnita

The ‘Tierra Incógnita’ narrative is set in Cabo Qwert, a desolate village with a dark aura that hasn’t surfaced since the catastrophic demise of a horror theme park named after Eric’s parents, Robert and Julie.

Beginning with the first episode of the series, Eric leaves his house and heads to Cape Qwert in quest of information. All the evidence about his parents’ disappearance point to the enigmatic amusement park, which ushers in an adventure-filled, terrifying, and fantastical storyline.

The assistance of his sister Uma (Mora Fisz), his aunt Carmen (Carla Pandolfi), and Pablo (Thomas Lepera), a young man from Cabo Qwert who spends much of his spare time exploring the park’s abandoned attractions, ensure that Eric will not be alone in this task.


The series’ youthful protagonists concur that the entire series of “Tierra Incógnita” has a “eighties” vibe that director Sebastián Pivotto purposefully aimed to appeal to a broad range of fans.

This group of young actors, many of whom have experience in indie theatre and cinema, found that fear was the factor that was the most challenging to work with.

FAQ’s on Tierra Incognita

What is Tierra Incognita about?

Young Eric Dalaras goes out to uncover the truth eight years after his parents mysteriously vanished and encounters a terrible new world. They were raised by their maternal grandparents, along with his sister Uma. Since his parents were last seen at the Tierra Incógnita horror theme park, Eric makes the decision to leave his country and go back to Cabo Qwert, where he spent his formative years. There, he intends to search for answers.

When is its release date?

The original Latin American series “Tierra Incógnita” will have its Disney+ debut on September 8, 2022 (Disney+ Day), according to Disney.

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