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Tight match between Deepika Kumari and An San but Deepika loses Tokyo Olympics.

Deepika Kumari is the world’s number one Archer in women’s archery. But unfortunately, her run for the medal came to a halt as she got defeated by top seed An San of South Korea, in the quarter-finals of women’s individual archery today. An San is a gold medalist in the mixed and women’s team event in Tokyo Olympics 2020. So it was very difficult to face San. In the first round, An San hit the perfect 10 with the first three strikes and scored 30. While on the other hand, Deepika scored 27. So the first round was won by An San as she won by 30-27. Though Deepika tried her best to hit the perfect 10 but An San’s accuracy was best. She aimed for the perfect spot and hit with accuracy. At the same time, Deepika knew that it would be really difficult to defeat An San. An San is a two-time gold medalist in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and surely she would be a tough competition for anyone.

In the 2nd round, An San scored 26, on the other hand, Deepika responded with 24. So the second round was also won by An San. As the first two rounds were won by An San,  Deepika was clearly upset. It was like only a true miracle would save Deepika and make her win. 

source = yandex

So for the third round, she tried her best by responding with a total of 24. But An San was really great in this game and managed to respond back with a total point of 26. It was a huge disappointment for all the Indian fans as all three rounds were won by the South Korean Archer. The game ended in less than 6 minutes and Deepika’s dream for winning a medal crashed. Now An San enters into the semifinals, and unfortunately, Deepika crashed out of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

It was really shocking as Deepika defeated 3 archers (Karma, Jennifer Mucino Fernandez, and Ksenia Perova) before this game. 

Earlier in the day, Deepika also competed against Ksenia Perova of Russia and defeated her. So the Indian Olympic fans thought that Deepika will also defeat An San and make one step towards the medal. But unfortunately, in front of An San’s accuracy, it was not possible.

After the match, Deepika said that she was really disappointed by her performance and said that she was not able to perform as per her expectations. She further said that she was not sure that what happened, she tried her best but she was not able to perform as per her expectations.

Deepika further admitted that she was not able to perform to her potential.

In this game An San won gold, E Osipova won silver and L. Boari took bronze.

Now Deepika’s husband Atanu Das is the only Indian Archer who is left and who can win a medal for India. He defeated the two-time Olympic champion Jin hyek. Now he is the only hope who will bring a medal for India in archery.



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