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Tom Cruise visited Asha Bhosle’s restaurant in the UK and ordered THIS dish twice!

You may know that the famous singer Asha Bhosle owns a restaurant in Birmingham, located in the UK. Well, for your information, Asha Bhosle owns around 15 restaurants and in addition to this, the restaurants also bagged the title of the best Indian restaurant among other acknowledgments. Asha Bhosle’s restaurants are well known and there is no doubt about this but recently, the visit of one of the great celebrities of Hollywood has made Asha Bhosle’s restaurant grab all the attention and make big news once again!

One of the great faces of Hollywood, Tom Cruise visited Asha Bhosle’s restaurant named “Asha’s”, located in Birmingham, in England. Tom Cruise visited Asha Bhosle restaurant and had a plate, or two, of tasty chicken tikkas! Tom Cruise visited the Asha’s and Saturday evening and Tom cruise actually tried Indian cuisine, which also included chicken tikka masala. Well of course it is really amazing to see that the Hollywood actor loved Asha Bhosle’s restaurant chicken tikka so much that the actor ordered one more plate just after finishing the first one.

And in addition to this, Tom Cruise also posed outside the restaurant along with the restaurant team. The post was initially uploaded by the official account of Asha’s and in the picture, Tom Cruise was posing in front of the restaurant along with the restaurant team and they also captioned the photo, sharing about how proud they felt as Tom cruise gets added into the list of the celebrities who visited their restaurant. “It was an absolute pleasure to welcome @tomcruise to Asha’s Birmingham yesterday evening. Tom ordered our famous chicken tikka masala and enjoyed it so much that as soon as he had finished he ordered it all over again – the greatest compliment. We are very proud that Tom Cruise has joined the ever-growing list of celebrities such as The Rolling Stones and Ed Sheeran that have dined at our award-winning restaurants. ” They captioned.

The post went so viral that everyone was amazed. The people started sharing the photos and it went viral on social media platforms and eventually, Asha Bhosle came to know about it. As Asha Bhosle came to know about a Tom cruise visiting her restaurant she was delighted by it and she was very happy. She also took her Instagram to share about the delightfulness and to share her happiness. By posting the picture of Tom Cruise that he took in front of the restaurant and which was initially uploaded by the restaurant’s official Instagram account, Asha Bhosle captioned the post with a sweet message. She captioned, “I was very happy to hear that Mr. Tom Cruise enjoyed his fine dining experience at Asha Burman gum and I look forward to him visiting us again soon @tomcruise @ashasrestaurant @ashasuk”.

As they posted the pictures on social media, netizens started reacting to the post. Some of them were amazed to know about Tom Cruise’s favorite dish that he ordered twice! While many other netizens also commented “amazing” on Asha Bhosle’s Instagram post but it is shocking to see that some of the nutrients question that it was Mr. Tom Cruise who visited the restaurant. some said that maybe he is a look-alike or a stunt double of Tom Cruise.

But according to the reports offered by Dailymail.co.uk, it is also said that Tom Cruise got spotted a few hours before in Birmingham’s Grand Central shopping center and also at Birmingham’s Bullring where he was shooting with his co-star Hayley Atwell for the movie Mission: Impossible 7. Then according to Express.co.uk, they noted that Tom Cruise was wearing the same clothes as in this photo when he was first spotted at the Grand Central and hence there is no doubt that surely Tom Cruise visited Asha Bhosle’s restaurant!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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