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Top 10 easy Christmas decor ideas to light up your house!

Christmas is soon knocking on the door and wouldn’t you like to welcome it with an amazingly decorated house? Sparkling lights everywhere and scented candles lit up is all that shows a glimpse of what Christmas is about and obviously can we forget the beautifully decorated Christmas tree that just excites everyone in the family more towards Christmas. Well why not decorate your house in a more unique and easiest way this Christmas to not only give a shocking surprise to your family members but also to all the relatives who will be visiting you during this festive period? Here are the best top 10 ideas by us so that you can decorate your house effortlessly!

Get holiday wreaths: Christmas without hanging a dainty wreath will be incomplete for sure. Hang the beautiful holiday wreath on every door inside your house and also do not forget the windows and bedroom doors to make your house look extra beautiful. You can also make use of beautifully decorated artificial wreath options that are available in the market.

Festive ornaments: the beautiful festive ornaments not only suits very well on the Christmas tree but also in other parts of the house. You can decorate the window panels, walls or even your furniture with beautiful tiny festive ornaments.

Christmas candles: you can actually make your own Christmas candles and can use them to decorate the dining table or the drawing room in your house. Put some Green shades and the bottom of a Mason jar and fill it with water as well as some floating candles on it to make it extra charming.

Candy lights: Christmas is all about making everything beautiful so why not candies? The concept of having lights around candies has been featured in many Christmas movies and is currently.

Pillow talk: it is a huge trend right now in which people also use during the Christmas on their furniture to give all Christmas vibes as it has Prince of pine cones and reindeers on it to make it look extra special.

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Add pine cones: pine cones are usually used to decorate the Christmas tree but you can also use it as a decorative item on the dining table as well as other parts of your home. It gives a very optimistic look and also the winterly vibes from it is something that you will love.

Hang fairy lights: we often find that people love to decorate the house with sparkling lights and usually streets are filled with fairy lights during the Christmas time. inexpensive decorative items usually bring out festive vibes much more and it is a must to add in your list if you’re decorating your house for this Christmas.

Display your collections and figurines: you can actually take the Christmas crib decoration to a whole new level by adding your own collections of beautiful tiny things. You can also add a bunch of toys along with all the tiny collectibles that you have been collecting for creating your own winter toy land.

Ceiling decoration: you can have a gorgeous Christmas ceiling decor by adding some ornamental garlands as well as balloons to the ceiling. Also you can make your own DIY paper chains and garland of cones to give a more classic look to your home.

Decorate your garden: Even if you don’t have a very huge lawn in front of your house you can actually decorate your door, add a Christmas themed door mat or decorate the entrance mailbox too.

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Sneha Sivakumar
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